Communicating Through The Art Of Calligraphy

“I would like people to feel the movement of energy created by calligraphy art.  It allows you to experience a meditative state and connects you to the infinite possibilities and spiritual nature.”

Ilchibuko Todd is a Senior Master Trainer at Sedona Mago Retreat.  Ilchibuko is a spiritual teacher, artist and speaker. After spending over two decades mastering Universal Qi Energy, she currently shares her message through art, sound healing, inspirational talks, retreats, ceremonies and heartfelt mentoring.   She has led numerous personal transformation workshops and spiritual ceremonies throughout the world as well as guiding people to find their divine nature. Her goal is to help others create a purposeful life that they truly desire.

Ilchibuko draws calligraphy as she experiences the energy of the Universe in a selfless state. Through her Qi Energy Calligraphy she shares this energy of Cosmic life to empower individuals to reach a state of higher consciousness, communicate the Oneness with heaven and earth and deliver the message of unity and peace to all humanity. “When I do calligraphy, I am able to quiet my mind and tune into the space of connecting to inner stillness, where there is infinite movement of energy and creativity. It is like my brush naturally moves to express that energy,” says Ilchibuko. “I feel empty of thoughts and emotions, so free and expansive. I feel connected with my true nature and harmoniously existing with the Universe.” 

Ilchibuko’s work expresses unconditional love, awaken your senses, nothingness, the way of truth, oneness, trinity of wisdom, love and power, rhythm of life as well as many other heart to soul connecting messages.

“I wish that people can feel what I am feeling; Inner stillness, oneness, harmony, and expansiveness,” she says. “Simply having this kind of calligraphy art can shift the vibration and energy of your room.” 

Ilchibuko’s Calligraphy Art is on display at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center until the end of October. 

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