Live Six-Week Online Courses

Turn your fear into hope, purpose, and personal growth.

Sedona Mago prepared seven personal development courses to help you to get through this unusual time of the unknown. We would like to suggest using this precious time and circumstances as opportunities to deeply dive into and see yourself; discover who you really are and heal.

These courses will help you to be free from mental and emotional patterns that prevent you from taking action toward your wishes and dreams. You will also be guided to have a sense of direction by the end of the sessions, as you will be guided and mentored by our facilitators throughout the course’s six weeks.

Awaken Your Natural Healing Power

Are you aware that we all have an innate ability to heal? Are you ready to develop a relationship with your body and take responsibility for your own health? Through ancient healing practices, you will not only be able to understand your own physical, mental, and spiritual condition but also how to heal yourself.

Foundation for Emotional Mastery

Emotions – joy, moodiness, fear, sadness, reactiveness, etc. –  exist in the body as powerful energies, and are the driving forces in our daily lives. They influence our relationships, the choices we make, and even our health. In this six-week course, you will peel away layer upon layer of negative emotions and discover the true root cause of them. With this newfound awakening, you will have the power and freedom to choose whether to let go of these emotions or hold on to them.

Physical Healing with Qigong Exercises

When there is pain, a physical ailment, or any type of dis-harmony in the body, there is a blockage in the flow of energy. By practicing Tao Healing Qigong, you will harmonize, strengthen, and circulate your energy to release these blockages, and heal your body.

During this six-week course, we will cover the three forms of Tao Healing Qigong: Basic Form, Ilchi Form, and Freestyle.

Shift Your Consciousness for a Better Life

Find the truth about your thoughts, perceptions, and memories. Many people think that suffering is caused by the external conflicts in their lives – relationships, job, grief, misfortune, misery, etc. However, the true cause of suffering is within you – a result of your perceptions about a situation, not the situation itself.

Develop your Intuition and Psychic Power

Your intuition is the manifestation of your true self. This course demystifies the 3rd Eye (sense of wisdom or the ability to see things for what they really are), so that you can deepen your spiritual connection and develop a profound sense of trust. A strong sense of trust helps you break free from old destructive patterns and feelings of entrapment, so that you can manifest the life you desire. We all have intuition or a psychic nature – whether you refer to it as a gut reaction, instinct, or foresight. The question is whether or not you are listening to the signs.

Revitalizing Detox and Lifestyle Coaching

Many people take a detox program and shortly thereafter, fall back into their old eating habits. The problem with the traditional approach to detox is that it does not address long-term transformations. In this course, you will learn to shift your habits with a holistic and natural detox method, rooted in mindfulness. After the six weeks, you will be able to continue the tools taught by your experienced trainer, Juniper Yang.

Stress Relief with Reiki, Level 1

If you are feeling stressed and stuck in a fierce cycle of worry and anxiety, then your energy is stuck. Practicing Reiki helps you to not only move this energy but also helps you gain control over your own energy – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Feel more grounded, centered and at peace with Reiki.

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