Retreat Enhancements

Individualized, Guided, Self-Healing

This 90 min session will guide you to delve deeper into the Tao Self-Healing Practice.  Tao uses qi energy and internal organ health to assess your overall health condition.  First the healer will help you to evaluate your condition and give you specific healing and breathing techniques that will increase your energy, improve your digestion


Chakra Reading

Chakras are major energy centers in the human body that create and regulate consciousness. Visualize, experience, and develop a deeper understanding of your energy field through the chakra system.  Learn about exercise and lifestyle changes that will improve your energy circulation and overall well-being. Individual - 60 minutes: $135 Couples & Groups: 30 min $45


Mago Vortex Visit and Meditation

When spending time in Sedona, you may hear about “vortexes.” A vortex area is a location on the Earth that circulates heightened levels of electromagnetic energy. Since the human body is itself an electromagnetic system, the heightened electromagnetic energy circulating at a vortex location influences consciousness and the human bio-field. Sedona Mago Retreat has