Heal and Balance Your Chakras at Sedona Mago Retreat

Chakras: what are they?

Your body is a reflection of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It’s a vital part and expression of who you area. Chakras work like gatekeeps for respective areas. Coined from the Sanskrit word that means wheel, chakras are tasked to keep everything in your body running smoothly. There are seven chakras in the body, from the base of the spin to the top of one’s head. If these chakras are blocked, that could result in pain or discomfort.

What is chakra healing meditation?

Cleaning and healing the chakras, especially blocked chakras, are a must. That’s where Chakra Healing Meditation comes in. At Sedona Mago Retreat Center, we can help you heal whatever trauma or damage you have to your chakras. We’re here to offer you much-needed assistance in processing your emotions so you can achieve inner harmony and balance. If you think your chakras are out of sync, our Chakra Balancing Meditation can help you align your energy field in the way it should.

How does it happen?

First, we’ll examine you and your chakras. If you’re upset or distressed, that’s going to show. We’ll assess the level of suffering and damage before we take steps to determine what caused the problem in the first place. Knowing the cause will help us consider what type of healing will work for you.

Why come to us?

At Sedona Mago Retreat Center, we offer different programs you can choose from. Whether you’re upset and in need of advice, you can go for our “Finding True Self,” “Tao Meditation Weekend,” “Sedona Spiritual Detox Retreat,” “Full Moon Retreat,” “From Stress to Strength,” “Qigong,” and “Loving Sober.” With a range of programs that aim to reach out to you and help you restore balance to your energy field, you can come to us for help and assistance.

What can you expect?

The members of the staff are trained and qualified to provide you with the help you need. At Sedona Mago Retreat, we make every effort to provide guided meditations that help you achieve wholeness and balance. If you want healing and recovery, don’t hesitate to let us know. Talk to any of the energy healers on our team. We can provide you with healing treatments that can encourage and enhance your Chakra healing.

Know more about how Sedona Mago Retreat can offer you the help you need. Ask about our programs today.