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Chun-Gahng – An advanced spiritual journey with Headmaster ByukWoon

‘Life extends beyond life and death’

Chun-Gahng & Ceremony combines traditional Ki-energy, meditation and ceremony. It is comprised of a 21 day pre-training followed by a 7 day intensive retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat, with 100 day post training.

Your life extends beyond life and death. Your life experience, however, has been continuously limited within the confines of your physical body. The finite physical world is always in flux. Within these continuous changes, we cannot be free from physical obstacles and limitations of death, fear, and pain. The physical world which can be seen, heard, and touched generates comparison and competition. Ultimately, it will create distrust within yourself and between each other. Tao Chun-Gahng training is for realizing these obstacles and limitations of the physical world and for awakening the existence of the infinite true-life within.

Awaken to the infinite true-life within:

  • Connect with your true essence
  • Overcome physical obstacles and limitations of fear, life & death
  • Achieve freedom from challenges

Learn how to gather and shift your energy, to awaken to your full capacity as a spiritual being.  Move beyond your current state of consciousness to experience eternal life in the present moment.

For more information and to register, please call 928.301.8876.


Head Master ByukWoon has been training and developing programs to spread health, happiness, and peace throughout the world for over 20 years.

He is known for his ability to freely transmit light energy without the limitations of time and space. This transmission is a key foundation in all of his training because it enables you to have profound direct experience of complex principles.

Chun-Gahng & Ceremony Testimonials 

I achieved clarity and strengthened my foundation to continue a life of absolute value. It was an excellent program to revisit and the experience was even more profound and influential for great changes on my journey to my brightened soul.   ~ Young Hwa, Kelly                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I received a lot of healing, and gained a deep understanding of myself and how to connect to myself and my energy. Now I have more conviction for my life and how I can grow and make the world a better place. Reconnecting with my soul in such a deep way is such a gift. Words cannot express my sense of gratitude.  ~Jo Hee, Brianna

I acquired many benefits from Chun Gahng training. My heart is filled with hope and compassion. During the training, I connected to the cosmic energy and my consciousness went deep inside my core. I experienced Mu Ah, selflessness. There was no emotion, no thoughts and I felt completely quiet and at peace. I recovered trust and confidence and the vision for my future became clearer and more detailed. My mind is filled with gratitude and love.  ~Hae Woel, Jackie

This program has validated my purpose of existence, anchoring my mind, body and soul. My body condition has been improved with the daily training. I learned how to connect to the cosmic energy with an energy antenna. I am able to focus and connect to my energy center deeply. My level of consciousness has been greatly upgraded. I finally understand all creatures are one.  ~Mu Woel, Siuking

Through the Chun Gahng Training I opened my mind to cosmic energy. I could feel my body, mind and spirit get lighter with every day of training passing and I started to literally feel the strength in my core. Over all this is a great program and even greater masters and guidance.  ~Sun Il, Cyril

Through Chun Gahng training I have achieved a greater sense of Ki energy and I better comprehend the principles. I have a greater understanding of my soul. I have realized that when I quiet my mind, it saves energy, allowing my spirit to grow brighter. I have a better sense of who I am and the direction I need to focus on for spiritual and physical balance.  ~Young Tong, Dana

Chun-Gahng - Headmaster Byukwoon

Marie Seong, Program Director, talks about Chun-Gahng & Ceremony.

Chun-Gahng Ceremony
Learn meditation in this magnificent setting in Sedona
Chun-Gahng Ceremony