Awaken your Inner Light 2021

Daily Prayers for You

Live Your True Self in 2021 With Your Bright Inner Light

Connect with us to build a solid foundation so that your Inner Light continues to shine no matter what circumstances or what life may bring, Tao Fellowship is committed to holding the Inner Light prayer meditation daily for you at Sedona Mago for 2021.

You can intentionally connect to us everyday anytime when you do your daily prayer meditations; through our emails that will be sent to you from time to time, where you will be guided and reminded to feel your Inner Light to live to your highest potential.

Tao Fellowship and Sedona Mago

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is owned and operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501 (c)(3) non-denominational nonprofit organization. At Sedona Mago, we believe in sustaining the land on which we live, and we rely on donations to help support our mission to love humanity and the Earth.