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For most of his adult life, Ilchi Lee has lived determined to complete his vision of a happier, healthier world. After creating several successful mind-body training centers in South Korea, he felt called to expand his vision beyond his homeland. So, he set off in search of a location that could serve as a place of healing and spiritual reflection for people from around the world.

Famous for its energy vortexes and for its spiritual reputation, Sedona was clearly the ideal choice. Through a series of serendipitous events, Lee’s search for a perfect spot eventually led to the discovery of the land that is now Sedona Mago Retreat, a story that he tells in detail in his New York Times best-seller, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

As the founder of Tao Fellowship, Lee’s primary objective is to help people experience and reestablish their connection to Tao, the essential, natural flow of life on Earth. His first name “Ilchi”, in fact, means “pointing the way to Tao,” and that has been the primary goal of his life for nearly forty years. Sedona Mago Retreat is one example among many of the spiritual centers that have been inspired and informed by his teachings and methods.

Ilchi Lee believes that a healthier, happier world is not only possible, it is necessary for the continuation of life on this planet. The key, according to Lee, is to reestablish connection to one’s true self—the natural, unadulterated self that is unaffected by the whims of the chattering mind. The many mind-body exercise techniques he has created are meant to do just this.

Lee’s brand of Tao wisdom, which he describes in his Living Tao blog, is a practical application of Tao philosophy. Essentially, he helps people understand the nature of energy in all of its forms – physical, mental, and spiritual. Through study of energy and the principles that guide the flow of energy, people learn about their own nature in the most fundamental sense, and they learn how to balance and complement others in relationships, as well.

In order to heal and to grow spiritually, he knew that people would need a place where they could withdraw from the rigors of the modern world.  To help people get back to these essential values, Sedona Mago Retreat offers everything anyone needs—nature, serenity, and supportive staff and instructors.

Ilchi Lee’s story began with just one student in a Korean park, a vision that eventually grew to include facilities all over the world. In addition, instructors and healers everywhere are following in his footsteps, seeking to bring healing and peace to the world through the timeless principles of Tao.

He has authored more than 40 books that help people take Tao wisdom and live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Currently, he serves as the president of the Earth Citizens Organization and the International Brain Education Association.

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