Founding Day 2021

GwangMyung Prayer Online Live

Thursday, July 22nd – 7 PM – 8 PM (AZ/MST)

Online Broadcast Live from Sedona Mago

Join us at the HanWoong Shrine for our GwangMyung Heavenly Prayer Ceremony. Through this ceremony, we will offer our appreciation for our spiritual ancestors and our heritage of the SunTao Living Practice.
We will connect to our enlightened ancestor’s spirits to share the blessings of bright GwangMyung light from Sedona Mago to all people. We will recover our true essence and our spirit as well as remember our mission on Earth and promise that we will live for HongIk (benefiting all).
Our ceremony at the HanWoong Shrine will last approximately 1 hour. We will offer our gratitude for our lives, to heaven, to the earth, and to the ancestors who walked on the path before us. We will connect to our ancestor’s spirits by aligning our energy centers and activate our 3rd eye to envision our future.

Wish Lantern Donation

You can also decide to have your name and wish on one of the hanging lanterns in the air and are lighting up the HanWoong Shrine on the Founding Day.  You will be receiving the energy of HanWoong and GwangMyung Chunje nim to make your wish come true. Afterward, Tao Masters at Sedona Mago will pray for you at Heavenly Palace for 21 days.  The donation per lantern is $300. Thank you for your love and support for Tao Fellowship so we can continue with our mission of Love Humanity Love the Earth and keep our sacred land beautiful for many generations to come.
*Please make a wish with your lantern donation
one lantern per wish

Lantern donation has closed. Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you for your continued support of our mission

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit non-denominational organization with the mission of Love Humanity, Love the Earth. Through this mission, it has rapidly become a leader in the conscious creation of World Peace with its expressed goal of humanity living in balance and harmony with Earth.