Loving Sober is about conscious loving action

Loving Sober – Retreat for couples in recovery

‘Loving Sober is about conscious loving action’

Loving Sober is about conscious loving action, not about teaching your partner or yourself how to behave. This retreat will give practical, spiritual tools that gradually liberate your relationship from stubborn patterns. This retreat does not seek to resolve past hurts; instead it creates a new foundation for expressing love and gives you a common language for mutual support based in Spirit. You will leave with a set of vibrant, practical, effective tools that will impact your relationships in a loving, positive way.

Rediscover the laughter you experienced when you were first together and re-awaken to your relationship with renewed excitement and energy in the majesty and serenity of the Sedona Mago Retreat Center.

The teaching is as helpful to couples on the spiritual path who are newly together as those who have been sharing lives for many years. It is for those dedicated to each other who wish to rediscover and deepen the intimacy they once enjoyed or have longed for.

This retreat was designed to provide a fresh, joyful way to uncover, discover, and discard the unwelcome, yet oh so resilient karmic dances that all couples experience and to help you be aware that your partner is your greatest supporter, who wants more for you than you could possibly imagine.

Jay Stinnett and Adell Shay, authors of the book, “Loving Sober: a field guide to true spiritual intimacy,” have led numerous couples retreats in the U.S. and Europe. Most importantly, their love has grown and deepened continually for the past 20 years – something they love to share with others. They live in Sedona, Arizona.

Topics include:

  • The joy of spiritual intimacy – how it practically looks
  • How to get a response vs. a reaction: finding the best time and way to say something
  • Feelings vs. emotions: learning to identify what’s going on and what to do with it
  • Various illuminating topics from the downloadable book, “Loving Sober: a field guide to true spiritual intimacy.” Please download now and read the short guide before the retreat.
It is not necessary that both partners be members of a 12 Step Group to attend the Loving Sober retreat, though it is helpful for at least one to have a 12 Step foundation.

March 15 – 17, 2019


Early Bird: $529 per couple (Ends June 30, 2018)

Regular: $579 per couple (Registration includes the entire program, room and meals)

Loving Sober is about conscious loving action