Mago Projects

Improve the Access Road into Sedona Mago Retreat

The Challenge is on!

To visit our retreat center, whether you are flying from another part of the country, the world, or driving from a local area, everyone must travel the last 11 miles on our access road, Bill Gray Road. Depending on weather conditions, the road can either be a dusty, bumpy, but gorgeously scenic drive, or it can be a beast threatening to gobble up your car in 12 inches of mud.  The purchase of a road grater a while ago has vastly improved our ability to level out the bumps.  The challenge now is to make the necessary improvements to stop the road from flooding from heavy rain or snowfall, and turning into the mud fest that makes it all but impassable to a few heavy-duty vehicles.  This project is major undertaking; we are asking for our donors help to support this project with either one-time or monthly donations.  Please help us to make the last few miles to the retreat the best of your trip.

Estimated cost: $1,500000

By adopting the plans for water recycling, renewable energy, balanced use of the land and education for a sustainable lifestyle, we consciously aspire to be the leading model of harmonious, sustainable living and culture of peace. It is with this spirit that we are pursuing efforts to: Improve the access road into Sedona Mago Retreat, build the retreat into a Green Mago Retreat, enlarge our Pathway to Peace from donor donations to the Donor Brick Project and increase the number of recipients to our Educational Programs.

Donate to help us improve our access road

Green Mago

‘Powered by Solar Energy’

Our motto Love Humanity, Love the Earth, says it all as to our commitment to live mindfully and create a sustainable environment.  We continue to make sustainable choices at our retreat center.  Our past development of a greywater recycling system will be complemented by our plans to transition the retreat to utilize the sun’s energy to power our electrical needs.  Plans are in place to install solar collectors at the retreat center in Sedona, where we have an abundance of sunshine every year.  Without your financial donations we would be unable to pursue earth loving changes at the retreat. Join us in cherishing the Earth, support our Green Mago program by clicking on the donate button today!
Estimated cost: $1,000,000

Donate to Green Mago Solar Energy

Brick Donation Project

‘Creating a Pathway to Peace that is “Set in Stone’

The Healing Garden at the retreat has a lovely Brick Pathway that invites you into the Garden and surrounds the picturesque lake.  If you would like to leave a message for those who walk the pathway, you may do so by supporting our brick donation project.  We offer 2 sizes of bricks on which you we will have a message engraved on a plaque to your specifications.  A 4 x 8 inch brick allows an inscription of 3 lines and up to 18 characters per line.  We ask for a donation of $250.  The larger 8 x 8 inch brick allows an inscription of 7 lines with varying amounts of characters in each line.  We ask for a donation of $500 for the larger brick.

Donate to Pathway to Peace

Educational Programs

In collaboration with other non-profit organizations, we are developing and supporting leadership programs that teach life skills in agriculture, sustainability, mindful living, leadership and spiritual practices to educate future leaders of sustainable living communities. The graduates will be able to use the knowledge and skills obtained from these programs to create positive changes in their own, respective communities. From your generous donations, Sedona Mago Retreat supports deserving candidates to keep the program fees including tuition and accommodations affordable.

Furthermore, we are developing retreat programs geared for Veterans and Caregivers to learn the Tao lifestyle in order to facilitate their ability to enrich their lives. We will also enlarge our retreat programs for children and teenagers so that the younger generation will have knowledge of a sustainable and peaceful lifestyle in the Tao tradition. 

Donate to our Educational Fund

Tao Healing Center

We depend on generous donations for everything we do. Your gift supports weekly free classes for our seniors, children and veterans, scholarships to support members to attend healing retreats, and outreach activities for our community. Your tax-deductible contribution makes everything we do possible.

Donate to Tao Healing Center
Water Recycling and Paving Bill Gray Road Donation Projects
Water Recycling & Renewable Energy
Brick Path donation project assists us in paying for the Water Recycling project
Water Recycling & Renewable Energy

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“Many corporations match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits, to support their employees’ charitable giving, and to further their corporate philanthropy. Please check with your employer to see if your donation can be doubled through matching gift funds”

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