1st Annual Online!

Mago Friends Gathering

We are celebrating the spirit of Mago and we would LOVE for you to join us!

We are committed to serving our community, and wish to show our appreciation to you

It is time for celebration, connection, sharing, and empowerment together. For our special event we will share our accomplishments for 2020, plans for 2021, mindfulness movement and meditation sessions for your well-being, and a silent auction for those who wish to support Mago.

This gathering is for anyone who loves Mago, wants to celebrate the spirit of Mago / Tao Fellowship, Love Humanity and Love the Earth, and wants to connect and empower each other.

Date: March 13th (Sat) 

Time: 9:30am- 4:00pm (AZ/MST)

Fee: Free (Bring Friends and Family)

What You Will Gain:

Recover your True Self and be in touch with the spirit of sharing your heart

Feel the sense of community with like minded people and enjoy celebrating individual’s and Tao Fellowship’s growth and accomplishments

Learn how to go on an inner journey to find strength, confidence, peace and joy through Tao practice and personal development sessions

Introduce what you experienced to your family and friends

Have an opportunity to donate to Tao Fellowship to continue its mission*

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Questions regarding the auctions or broadcast? Please contact Jenny at welcome@sedonamagoretreat.org or call/text 928-301-9760.

Our mission:

  • To Love Humanity, Love the Earth through the universal principles of peace and harmony 
  • To educate people to awaken to their greatness within, through the principles of Tao and help them create better lives through daily practice.
  • To co-create global peace by gathering people from all cultures, philosophies, religions, and races and celebrate the unity of our humanity beyond our differences.

Morning Schedule:

9:30 am: Introduction

9:40 am: Get Your Energy Moving! Gratitude Meditation

10:10 am: President Greeting

10:15 am: Presentations of Activities and Achievements / Awards

10:50 am: Performances

11:00 am: Tao Fellowship’s Accomplishments in 2020 and Plans for 2021

11:30 am: Silent Auction Preview

Afternoon Schedule:

Tao Practice Experiences:

12:30 pm: Detox/Immunity Boost with Jen 

1:25 pm: True Self Connection with Ilchibuko

2:45 pm: Program A: Juniper Tree Monument Ceremony
                 Program B: Qigong with MJ

3:40 pm: Final Announcement

Tao Practice Experiences | Details:

Detox/Immunity Boost

In this course, you will learn at-home techniques and protocols from a Licensed Acupuncturist to increase your immune system and help prevent or decrease many common ailments. You will also learn how to reduce stress which is a key component to improving your immune system.

Facilitator: Jennifer Waltz, 6-Week Online Course: Boost Your Immune System with Acupressure

True Self Connection

Do you want to live passionately and create a purposeful life? Do you want to feel confident expressing who you truly are? Learn to increase your awareness and connect to your True Self, the unshakable and powerful loving, being existing within you.

Facilitator: Ilchibuko Todd, Finding True Self

Juniper Tree Monument Ceremony

The Juniper trees at Sedona Mago are a reminder of your truest purpose in life. They are a monument where you can show your commitment to live a spiritual life. We hold a sacred Juniper Tree Ceremony for a person who dedicated a Juniper Tree Monument. You will have an opportunity to participate in this special ceremony.


When there is pain, a physical ailment, or any type of dis-harmony in the body, there is a blockage of energy flow.  By practicing Tao Healing Qigong, you will harmonize, strengthen and circulate your energy to release these blockages, and heal your body.

Facilitator: MJ Kim, 6-Week Online Course: Physical Healing with Qigong Exercises

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*Where Your Donations Go:

Donation Project: Global Connectivity

Donation Project 1:
Global Connectivity

While we value in-person healing experiences at our retreats at Sedona Mago, we realize that multimedia interactions are at the forefront of any organization now and in the future. In order to continue serving people by sharing mindfulness education and to grow our online community to provide a safe and welcoming space online, regardless of the circumstances in the world, we are focused on implementing high-speed, secure, and stable internet communication systems. Your contributions will help people receive mindfulness education from anywhere in the world through the internet so they can improve their lives by connecting, growing, and healing from within. The estimated cost: $50,000.

Donation Project 2:
Mindfulness Education Scholarships

We empower individuals to teach Mindfulness classes and educate individual teachers to become the next generation of heart-centered, mindful leaders. Your support allows us to provide scholarships to our future leaders to help people in our communities to recover physical, emotional, and mental health. Scholarship Programs for a Teacher: Finding True Self, Tao Meditation and Healing Guide 1 and 2, Tao Teacher Program. Estimated cost: $10,200 per student.

We also donate 3 percent of your generous donations to other non-profit organizations that help the underserved community.

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Questions regarding the auctions or broadcast? Please contact Jenny at welcome@sedonamagoretreat.org or call/text 928-301-9760.

Tao Fellowship and Sedona Mago

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is owned and operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501 (c)(3) non-denominational nonprofit organization. At Sedona Mago, we believe in sustaining the land on which we live, and we rely on donations to help support our mission to love humanity and the Earth.