Mago Membership

What to Expect

Love what Mago offers for your well-being through our onsite retreats and online programs?

How would you like to upgrade your life even after you’ve returned home and continue to have consistent practices available to you?

Receive continuous training and benefits to help you upgrade your life with increased vitality of the physical body, joy in your heart, and a positive and clear mind for moving toward the greatest version of yourself.

Complete Well-being in One Place

Gain access to special online live classes with our top trainers as well as receive exclusive benefits on our onsite retreat and online programs.

Through ancient wisdom and energy practices, grow your inner power and empower your life with a Mago Membership. Through this support system, you will have more opportunities to love and heal yourself through expert guidance and support.


Reduced Tuition for One Onsite Retreat

Reduced tuition of 20% for any of our onsite retreat programs one time during your yearly membership.

Reduced Tuition for Online Courses

Reduced tuition of 50% at any time for most online courses.

On-Demand Mindfulness Classes

Receive on-demand mindfulness classes from our Tao trainers.

Membership Fee


  • Membership will start from your registration date.
  • Your membership will automatically renew each year unless you cancel.
  • Freezing your membership due to missing live sessions is not available as this membership includes other exclusive benefits for our retreats/programs.
  • Unused benefits are non-refundable and cannot be extended outside of the membership period nor can be gifted to other people.

Your Instructors

MJ Kim

MJ Kim is an intuitive energy practitioner filled with a passion for her life’s purpose: to help people on their personal healing and spiritual journey. She has over 20 years of experience leading healing and self-discovery training worldwide and is skilled in guided meditation, life coaching, qigong, and yoga.

JahBi Seong

JahBi is a Tao Master and Healer, and has been teaching Tao philosophy for over 20 years. She loves helping people to awaken by guiding them to recover their health, happiness, and peace. Before studying Tao principles and teachings, she had been ill and tried a variety of traditional medical treatments, to no avail. As JahBi continued to practice and train, however, her body and mind, self-confidence, and will to heal grew exponentially. She has been a program director who facilitates advanced programs and spiritual ceremonies at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat since 2010.

Daniel Jung

For the past 20 years, Daniel has taught mind-body training programs, based on traditional Korean healing philosophy. He is a Life Coach, Position Therapy Trainer, and Qigong Master. The personal warmth and light-hearted manner in which he delivers these life-changing techniques leave a lasting effect on all those he guides.