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Mindful Natural Healing

Tao Healing Course

While the advancements of modern medicine should not be discounted, many are awakening to the necessity of incorporating alternative methods of healing grounded firmly in the undeniable wisdom of nature and the harmony that restores when East meets West. Her mindful natural healing program is curtailed either to work supplementally, or in conjunction with, western practices or as a substitute method if such modes of progress have ceased. Michelle takes great care to treat each individual on every level, and guides through both the conscious and subconscious intricacies of the healing process. Her sessions serve to enhance, not detract from, previous efforts and current medical care to provide a sense of clarity and deep comfort. If a complete shift is sought after, clients are encouraged to inquire and receive a consultation on site. It is well worth the drive down the dirt road to discover the grounds of Sedona Mago Retreat. They were carefully selected and tended to daily for the sole purpose of transformative, sustainable healing. With proper guidance, your healing will begin the moment you arrive.

Shared – $2887 & Private – $3097 (registration includes the entire program, room and meals). To register, click on the link (date) below.

About Michelle Moon:

With over 17 years of extensive experience in the field, Michelle Moon has devoted herself entirely to the healing process of all with whom she works in a sincere effort to bring about healing throughout the world. Her sessions provide deep, transformational results rooted in the ancient, and inherently balanced, principles of the Tao. Having studied and trained diligently, she has accessed an incredible ability to address the underlying root causes of even longstanding and traumatically endured ailments. She returns to Sedona Mago Retreat after 11 years overseeing the New York/New Jersey region in order to offer and dedicate her expertise to the purity of our 163 acre property and all who feel called to it.

Personal Message from Michelle:

This is one from countless others who received a lasting, transformative impact from the work we did together. It has been my great honor to use all that I have learned in order to serve as a steady guide throughout whatever challenge you now face. From times of old, the spiritual seeker found refuge in the teachings of an enlightened master. Enlightenment is but a word. However, the experience is what I offer. It is adversity that prepares us to open and receive unprecedented healing that impacts not only ourselves, but all those we love. Be not discouraged for it is true that when the student is ready — the teacher appears. It is my dream for Sedona Mago Retreat to become not merely a place for vacation, but education. To connect to the Tao is to connect to your own true nature where there is no disease nor discomfort. From this place, we are one.