Awaken your Inner Light 2022

New Year Ceremonies

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New Year’s Eve

Reflection, Release, Connection
Broadcast Live at 6:30 pm MST

Take a moment to reflect on your life in 2021. How was the year? Take a look at what you created, as well as what didn’t go as well as you wanted. Review your life and let go of your limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of thoughts and emotions, and what is not serving you before moving into 2022. Empty yourself before you receive the abundance of positive and bright energy of 2022. Connect and feel your true self under the billions of stars.

New Year’s Day

Awaken Your Inner Light
Broadcast Live at 7:30 am MST

Wake up for the beautiful Sunrise at Sedona Mago and welcome the New Year to bring blessings to your life. You will be guided to listen to your inner guidance, and envision clearly the outcome you want for 2022. Feel love and passion for your life by letting your inner light live to your highest potential in 2022 as you receive the warm bright Sun energy. Be One with Love and Light and promise to live as who you truly are and make new creations for your extraordinary life.

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Daily Prayers for You

If you are ready to Awaken your Inner Light and experience the entire year of 2022 in a whole new way, please join us for our Daily Prayers for You event.