Awaken your Inner Light 2021

New Year Ceremony

Start 2021 with New Intentions

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Ceremonies

We each have a choice on how to create 2021. We can choose to live the same way we did last year or with a conscious decision to awaken our Inner Light and focus on our True Selves.

Our New Year Ceremony gives you time to reflect, let go of what is limiting you, and connect to your Inner Light. This allows you to be free and be who we are truly meant to be.

New Year’s Eve Part 1

Broadcast Live at 6:30 pm AZ

Take a moment to reflect on your life of 2020.

You will be guided to review the whole year of 2020 and have time for your contemplation. How was the year? Honestly take a look at what you created, what decisions you made, why you did it, and how you made things happen, as well as what did not happen, what you put off, and what could be improved.

Review your life and feel you love to do and what you meant to live as. Feel the meaning and purpose of your life.

New Year’s Eve Part 2


After the reflections, let go of your limiting beliefs and what is not serving you before moving into 2021.

Break your patterns of habitual thoughts and emotions, empty yourself before you receive the blessings and abundance of positive and bright energy of 2021.

Connect and feel your true self under the light of the Full Moon.

New Year’s Day Part 3

Inner Light
Broadcast Live at 7:30 am AZ

Wake up early in the morning and welcome the New Year with the beautiful Sunrise Meditation at Sedona Mago.

You will be shown how to listen to your inner guidance and clearly envision the outcome you want for 2021. Feel the love and passion for your life by letting your inner light impart how to live your highest potential in 2021 as you receive the warm bright energy of the sun.

Be One with Love and Light and courageously promise to live as who you truly are and celebrate with the promise to yourself for the new creations for your extraordinary life.

Daily Prayers for You

If you are ready to Awaken your Inner Light and experience the entire year of 2021 in a whole new way, please join us for our Daily Prayers for You event.