Online Events

Awaken your Inner Light

Daily Prayers for You

Experience 2021 in a whole new way.  Create each day with awareness, where you shift your consciousness to experience your inner light so that you can live as your True Self, who you are meant to be, and share that life with others.

Free Lecture Series

Overcoming Challenging Times

Sedona Mago now offers monthly online live lectures, as our Love offering to help you cope with the stressful and emotional situations that you may be facing. We will share ancient mindfulness principles and guide you to heal yourself naturally with simple and effective training methods that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. You will receive tools to increase your awareness and transform your fear and anxiety into love and peace.

Living Tao Wisdom Lecture Series

Invitation to Finding Joy and Peace Within

The Living Tao Wisdom Lecture Series will give the principles and practice to help you find that joy and peace that resides within you. You will be able to create the balance you want in your life, to have improved relationships with yourself and others and recover your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

World Peace Ceremony

With Lantern Festival

On October 3rd, under the light of the full moon, we will come together as One World, One People to help create peace and harmony on our planet.

Free Prayer Meditation and Ceremonies

Prayer Ceremonies: We invite you to submit your prayers to us so that they can be included with all the prayers from around the world creating a worldwide prayer for hope and healing. You will also be able to join us live online to participate in the ceremonies.

21-Day Prayer Meditation: After you participate in the online ceremony you will be given some helpful guidelines and instructions on how to do the 21-day prayer meditation.

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