Online Events

1st Annual

Mago Friends Gathering – Online!

We are celebrating the spirit of Mago, and we would LOVE you to join us! This gathering is for anyone who loves Mago, wants to celebrate the spirit of Mago / Tao Fellowship, Love Humanity and Love the Earth, and wants to connect and empower each other.

Mago Friends Gathering

Free Lecture Series

Online Live Twice a Month

Sedona Mago is committed to offering online live lectures twice a month to help you with boosting immunity, stress relief, emotional release, and spiritual growth. We share ancient mindfulness principles and will guide you to heal yourself naturally with simple and effective training methods that can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. You will receive tools to increase your awareness and transform your fear and anxiety into love and peace.  Be the best manager of your body, mind, and spirit, and create your own health, joy, and happiness.

Free Prayer Meditations and Ceremonies 2020

Prayer Ceremonies: We invite you to join us and rewatch our live online to participate in the ceremonies held in 2020.

21-Day Prayer Meditation: After viewing the online ceremonies we invite you to continue your experience where you will be given some helpful guidelines and instructions on how to do the associated 21-day prayer meditation.

YOUR SUPPORT IS THE PRIMARY MEANS FOR US TO ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION. Donations are essential components for developing and sustaining Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. Click below to learn more: