Mago Online Membership

Heal Yourself Through A Healthy Lifestyle

Mago Classes are coming to your home!

Let’s do it together to keep you focused and help you incorporate a new regime of healing and wellness.

Mago’s online program is a mindful healing community where you can learn and practice exercises, meditation, mind-body connection and spiritual wisdom. Our age-proven, ancient healing methods can benefit you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner. Transform your health, happiness, and peace every week with our classes. Our membership also provides one-on-one consultation with our Tao instructors once a month for you to gain clear directions for your continued growth.

Membership Includes:
Online Classes (2x a week*)
Wednesday 6 PM MST & Saturday 7 AM MST
*All classes are archived
Personal online mentorship (1x a month)

Online Class Content Includes:
Meridian stretching & energy meditation
Self-healing exercises & breathwork
Mindful energy movement & Qigong
Organ detox exercise & Brain Education Exercise

Personal Mentorship Includes:
Mentorship from an experienced Tao Master
Guidance on how to care for your body, mind, and emotions.

Membership Benefits:
Balance of the body, mind and energy
Deeper relaxation and decreased stress
Feel grounded and clear
Empowerment in your True Self

Membership fee

Three months: $300

One year: $900