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Are you looking for the ideal location to host your next group event or spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona? Sedona Mago Retreat has everything you need, and is the perfect natural setting for groups meeting to discuss and engage in self-reflection, meditation, or any form of holistic health practice. Sedona is more than just an inspiringly beautiful and serene area; it’s long been recognized as a virtual power center for spirituality.

Whether this is your first event or your fortieth, our Program Director, Jay Stinnett, is well-acquainted with your practical needs. Jay has more than 20 years of experience leading and organizing retreats. He’ll gladly show you how the natural, soul awakening attributes of Sedona Mago Retreat make it the perfect location for your gathering, and he’ll also suggest ways in which the services and activities offered by our talented staff can greatly enhance your retreat program.

We’d love the opportunity to help provide your students,with a memorable, and spiritually enlightening Sedona Retreat experience.

Jay: 310.874.2341

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“Please do not use GPS when driving to Sedona Mago Retreat. GPS directions will guide you through private property. Use the driving directions. Visiting Sedona Mago Retreat is by appointment only.