A New Year’s Celebration Retreat

New Visions, New Goals

Release to Manifest

Join us on New Year’s Eve to honor the passing year and welcome the new one with clear intentions for manifesting your soul’s deepest desires.

At Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, you’ll have the time to reflect with gratitude all that transpired over the past year and participate in healing ceremonies for removing the residue of old, negative experiences.

During this annual celebration, our various mindful meditations create space for tapping into your limitless potential to expand your full creative power. You’ll connect with your true essence, awaken to the bright divine nature that exists within, and ground yourself in order to move forward with an open mind and heart.

1 Day, 1 Night to…

  • Accept life’s lessons
  • Awaken your spiritual senses
  • Clear your heart and mind
  • Get clarity about what’s next
  • Heal old wounds
  • Reflect with gratitude
  • Release negative thought patterns
  • Set goals you’d like to manifest
  • Set your intentions for the new year

Celebration Schedule

7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.: Reflection Meditation, Qigong

9:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.: Sound Healing

11:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.: We begin with a letting go meditation, a starlight meditation with bonfire, then welcome the New Year with mindful meditation and sounds from a gong.

Where You’ll Stay

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is situated on 173-acres of open land in the midst of the Coconino National Forest. We’re 4,500 feet above sea level and cradled by Sedona’s renowned vortexes and healing red clay rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago has been a destination for healing and transformation.

Mago, is an ancient Korean word that means Mother Earth. And at Sedona Mago we have one central mission: to love humanity and the Earth. This beautiful land has an unmatched magical quality that unfolds the beauty within you. Whatever the reason for your visit, one thing we know for sure: you’ll always get more at Mago.

New Year’s Celebration Benefit

Elevated consciousness


Release of emotional baggage

Spiritual energy

Third-eye awakening

The private room rate is $419.
In our ever-increasing effort to provide safe and comfortable accommodations for our guests, we have temporarily removed shared accommodations. Should you wish to have shared accommodations please contact the welcome center at 928-204-3391 ext. 3 and they will assist you with shared accommodations.

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Registration includes the entire program and full room-and-board.