Awaken Divine Light II

Empower 7 Chakras

With the Power of the Ancient Wisdom – ChunBuKyung

Open Your 3rd Eye for Your Spiritual Life

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your spiritual practice? 

Did you just complete a retreat or training and are you looking for ways to keep in touch with your soul so you can stay grounded in your spiritual life through your busy chaotic life? 

Did you lose your practice routine and are you trying to get back to your training? 

In this course, you will not only learn how to balance and empower all chakras but also you will open your 3rd eye for your spiritual journey towards your soul’s completion using the 10,000-year-old ancient sacred wisdom and text called ChunBuKyung.


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Recognize Your Eternal Life

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this is always true:

It is important for you to always be in touch with the eternal Value, your Soul, within, so you can be confident with a clear direction to live a fulfilled life. You can live your life overflowing with hope and love for yourself and others no matter what is happening around you.

Your Practice Becomes Virtue

The thing about this spiritual journey is that if you stop your daily practice, you will fall back into the old habits and be controlled by your ego, emotions, memories, and thought patterns, but you may not even know it. There is only YOU who can take the responsibility to continue your daily practice. 

When you continue with your daily practice, you will awaken to the truth: “Knowing without learning.”

The Secret Practice Revealed 

We would like to help you by not only encouraging you with your continued practice but also upgrading the training to deepen the connection to your soul and grow your spirit to a whole new level. 

What we share during this Course is the training that all practitioners and master trainers deeply practiced every day at the beginning of their spiritual journey and still practice after many years.

Whole New Level of Awakening

Reading a book can be finished as gaining information in your brain and not integrated with your body through “experience.”  We want you to have a chance to digest this precious ancient sacred wisdom to open up heaven and awaken your spiritual senses. 

We sincerely invite you to this brand new training for the fulfillment of your life and make a great impact and contribution to the World.

Course Contents

There are many methods to experience the high vibrations of the ancient secret wisdom and text, ChunBuKyung. We say that it takes a few decades to fully understand what it really means.  You will experience several ways to receive the power of the ancient sacred wisdom to awaken your spiritual senses and to tremble your soul.

Elevate Your Consciousness

Learn the ancient sacred wisdom and text of 10,000 years, which describes the laws of the Universe, Completion of Soul and Spirit, and Eternal Life.  Deepen your understanding about your spiritual life and elevate your consciousness to its highest potential.

Activation of Chakras and the Ancient Wisdom

Understand the principle described in the ancient sacred wisdom and experience the way of heavenly transformation with 7 chakras.

Awaken Your Chakras with High Vibrations of Sound

Listen to the sounds of the ancient sacred text as well as make your own sound to awaken your chakras and your spirit. Purify your energy with the sound vibrations of bright consciousness.

Energy Drawing through Your Spirit

As you connect to Cosmic Energy, let the energy flow through your hands and experience drawing the ancient sacred text. Each character has its own divine energy. Not only will you receive the high vibration of the character but will also let your internal energy flow and heal.

Awaken to Divine Message through Sound Healing

Experience the sound of the ancient sacred wisdom and awaken your divine nature. Receive the message of the divine which guides your spiritual life.

Empower Your Soul Power through Qigong

You will open up energy channels and let the high vibration of the ancient wisdom flow through your body. Empower your body, energy, soul and spirit by learning the form of Qigong movement called “ChunBuShinGong.”

Receive the Blessing of the Ancient Wisdom

You will receive a blessing from Heaven and activate your 3rd eye by the power of the ancient wisdom that enhances your spiritual sense to live for your purpose.

Receive Daily Training Guidance

Throughout the courses, not only you will learn the principles of Nature and the Universe which empowers your spiritual life, but also you will receive continuous guidance for your daily practice to strengthen your soul and spirit to create enlightened living.

Your Guides

Ilchibuko Todd

Mindful Meditation and Spiritual Teacher

With over 20 years of experience in mastering Qi energy through the SunTao Living practice, Ilchibuko (pronounced il-chee-boo-coh) offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves. SunTao provides a way to heal and love the self completely, which eradicates dis-ease and realigns the human condition.

Ilchibuko travels internationally to inspire people and help awaken the full potential of their brains. She believes that personal growth and development are for everyone. As the headteacher of Awaken Divine Light II, she will guide you to build your inner strength and uncover the divine power within you.

Daniel Jung

Certified Health and Life Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist

For the past 20 years, Daniel has taught mind-body training programs, based on traditional Korean healing philosophy. He is a Life Coach, Position Therapy Trainer, and Qigong Master. The personal warmth and light-hearted manner in which he delivers these life-changing techniques leave a lasting effect on all those he guides.