Awaken Your Natural Healing Power, Level 2

Live Six-Week Online Courses

In the first level, we awakened the natural healing ability, in level 2 we will deepen your healing practice through energy breathing. Many people don’t pay attention to their breath which prevents them from connecting to the essence of life and from recovering their balance and harmony between the mind, body and spirit. By practicing energy breathing meditation, you can improve your current level of health, happiness & peace.

Our ancient healing practice of Tao is not about removing pain or stress from specific parts of your body. Tao healing allows one to recover their own harmony and balance – body, mind, and spirit – by developing their inner power.

Note: This course is part two of a self-healing series. You can continue to grow your healing power through level 3.

When: Tuesdays, 4:30pm – 6pm (MST/AZ)
Duration: 6 weeks | 1.5 hours/week
Cost: $480

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Weekly Schedule

  • Focus on your breathing/evaluate your current level
  • Experience of the effects of breathing
  • Practice
  • The relationship between your thoughts, emotions and breathing
  • How to release thoughts & emotions
  • Practice
  • Introduction of MyungMoon energy gate
  • How to gather and amplify energy at lower abdomen
  • Practice
  • Introduction to the principle of creation
  • Practice
  • Principle of creation review
  • Practice
  • Principle of creation review
  • Practice

Your Trainer

JahBi Seong

JahBi is a Tao Master and Healer, and has been teaching Tao philosophy for over 20 years. She loves helping people to awaken by guiding them to recover their health, happiness, and peace. Before studying Tao principles and teachings, she had been ill and tried a variety of traditional medical treatments, to no avail. As JahBi continued to practice and train, however, her body and mind, self-confidence, and will to heal grew exponentially. She has been a program director who facilitates advanced programs and spiritual ceremonies at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat since 2010.