Sedona Wellness Online
Full-Mastery of Holistic Health and Fulfillment

Learn Practical Methods to Live a Life of Wellness and Fulfillment

Sedona Wellness Online is a self-mastery course that digs deep within to equip you with practical tools for living a truly healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life. Sedona Wellness Online includes 10 experiential online live sessions, which are complementary to Sedona Wellness Retreat, and a beautifully set spiritual retreat at Sedona Mago.


10 Online Live Course Sessions

2 Months of Mindfulness Online Sessions

RETREAT (Onsite, optional)

Sedona Wellness Retreat

(4 nights, 5 days at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat)

10 Online Live Course Sessions

Love yourself, Heal yourself! Not only will you learn the principles of natural health, but also your principal, ilchibuko, will guide you to practice creating health through mindfulness exercises and meditation, and to incorporate the practice into your daily lives.

Each session is offered weekly for 10 times over the course of 3 months. They cover simple yet powerful key essentials for you to develop the well-being of your physical body, your emotions, your energy, and your spirit. Ilchibuko will guide you to recover your truest essence, the meaning of your life, and your life purpose by assisting you to come home to yourself and to love yourself more.

Sedona Wellness Retreat
(Onsite, Optional)

Learn and practice awareness and mindfulness, create healthy habits, and learn to love and heal yourself on a deeper level through our Sedona Wellness Retreat. In the natural beauty of Sedona and the energy vortexes existing within Sedona Mago’s land, we will utilize the abundance of energy to unlock the power centers within you.  Learn more.

Sedona Wellness School will help you to:

  • Reflect on your life and heal/love yourself
  • Learn how to heal naturally
  • Learn how to create a fulfilled life
  • Learn how to build awareness and live mindfully
  • Learn practical methods for a vibrant life
  • Develop three powers for self-reliant living

Your Trainer

Ilchibuko Todd

Mindful Meditation and Spiritual Teacher

With over 20 years of experience in mastering Qi energy through the SunTao Living practice, Ilchibuko (pronounced il-chee-boo-coh) offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves. SunTao provides a way to heal and love the self completely, which eradicates dis-ease and realigns the human condition.

Ilchibuko  travels internationally to inspire people and help awaken the full potential of their brain. She believes that personal growth and development are for everyone. As the headteacher of Sedona Wellness School, she will guide you to discover health, joy, and greatness within you.

10 Online Live Course Sessions

Starts March 23rd, 2022

Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 PM (AZ/MST)
10 weeks | 1.5 hours/week

Tuition: Sedona Wellness Online $1,350