Shift your Consciousness for a Better Life

Live Six-Week Online Courses

Find the truth about your thoughts, perceptions and memories. Many people think that suffering is caused by the external conflicts in their lives – relationships, jobs, grief, misfortune, misery, etc. However, the true cause of suffering is within you – a result of your perceptions about a situation, not the situation itself.

In these six weeks we will cover:

  • Recovering yourself and seeing your truth
  • Facing your emotions
  • Finding and living your new voice

When: Tuesdays 5:30-7pm (MST/AZ)
Duration: 6 weeks | 1.5 hours/week
Cost: $360

Weekly Schedule

Simply by living a modern life, full of constant, but not immediately life-threatening situations, your body is triggered into feeling as if it is constantly under threat or danger. This triggers a response in the body by releasing “fight or flight” hormones.

  • Learn how your misperceptions have been affecting your body
  • Discover the messages your body has been sending you
  • Learn what is creating the suffering in your life

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JaAe is passionate about helping others to restore their natural health and happiness. Through her guidance, members quickly learn the tools they need to gain mastery of their own lives. She has been a Tao practitioner for over 15 years, and is a skilled instructor of Tao principles, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. She brings a compassionate and light-hearted energy to her classes while guiding others to a deep internal experience. Currently, she is the manager of the Mago Mindfulness Center in Chandler, Arizona.