Retreat Center

‘Feel the energy of our retreat center awaken your spirit and grow your soul’

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is your oasis from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

A place to step back, reconnect with the “real” you, re-boot your spirit and start growing your soul again.

Our haven located in pristine Arizona desert wilderness, with magnificent red rock vistas, is visually stunning, mentally stimulating, and spiritually invigorating.

If you need to learn to re-balance the body, quiet the mind, and nurture the spirit, you will find a center full of people ready to support you and the facilities to help you make it happen.

Everything here is geared to helping you find your true nature, so that you attain the power and wisdom to create the life you want.

Programs to help you grow…

The retreat was designed as a place to practice Sun Tao (仙道), the path for Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, and Prayer for Peace; you can learn all this at the center, PLUS a host of other skills and practices designed to bring balance to your life.

We offer retreat programs and enhancements, including chakra reading/healing, Tao meditation classes, Tao energy yoga and qi gong, vortex meditation, sound healing, mindful breathing, card reading, spiritual healing, and enlightenment.

Amenities to help you relax…

Everything you need to relax and revive: from a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, healing garden, lake, small farm, vortexes, meditation areas, and trails – to functional amenities like laundry and Wi-Fi. Find out more.

Accommodation to help you sleep…

120 casitas that are perfectly blended to the surrounding desert, with everything you need for comfort – but without phones or TVs. Find out more.

Dining to help you stay healthy…

A dining hall serving fresh buffets three times a day. Delicious, planet-friendly vegetarian food, with seafood and dairy available. Find out more.

A calendar to help you find the time…

Choose the most convenient dates for your retreat from our interactive calendar, which details specially designed retreats based on Taoism and Holistic Health.

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