2016 AA Symposium

Symposium on AA History

‘An intimate weekend gathering with some of the most respected researchers and writers of AA history’    

April 28 – 30, 2017

Presentations will include:

• Bill Wilson’s White Light Experience – Prof. Ann Taves, Professor of Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara
• History of Cocaine Anonymous – Ken Cross
• Ebby’s Story – Arthur Sheehan
• Women in A.A.: 1939 to the Present – Prof. Trysh Travis, University of Florida, Center for Women’s Studies
• Hank Parkhurst: the Co-Founder Who Drank – William Schaberg
• A History of the Young People’s Movement in AA – Paul Cleary
• Richmond Walker & the 24-Hour-a-Day Book – Glenn Chesnutt
• The Debt AA Owes to the Rockefellers – Jay D. Moore, Author of “AA and the Rockefeller Connection”
• Videography, a Historians Tool – David Lester

Regular: Shared: $437 | Private: $537

Limited to 100 participants