Tao Meditation Weekend

‘Allow your deepest voice to be heard’

When your earnest desire for change meets the powerful experience of the Tao Meditation Weekend, you will undergo a life changing, transformational experience that you will never forget.

You will come away with new perspectives, new inspirations, and a renewed passion for life.

Why are we so sure about this? Because we’ve seen it happen for so many people during the Tao Meditation Retreats – and we know it can happen for you.

‘Mago’ – an ancient Korean word expressing the unconditional love and the spirit of Mother Earth, this beautiful solitary land has a magical quality to unfold our innermost stories.

Just 16 miles southwest of Uptown Sedona, in the midst of the Coconino National Forest, lies Sedona Mago Retreat. This blooming desert land, surrounded by red rocks, Native American ruins, and mountains, has been a place of healing and transformation for over 40 years. Named for Mago, this beautiful solitary land has a magical quality to unfold our innermost stories.

Meditation Works

Meditation works. The International Journal of Neuroscience (1982) found that those practicing meditation for more than five years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age, measured by reduction of blood pressure, better near-point vision, and auditory discrimination. Short-term meditators were physiologically five years younger than their chronological age.

It’s a proven method to leave a lasting and positive impact on your mind, body, and spirit. If you have never tried it before, let us assure you that it’s not just for yogis. Meditation is for everyone! Wherever you are on the contemplative continuum, the energetic vibration of Sedona will accelerate and deepen your practice.

Group Sessions and Individual Reflection Are Balanced

Our Tao Meditation Retreat offers opportunities to meditate and reflect individually as well as with a group. Explore your inner landscape deeply then join with others and receive new perspectives, experience the support of community, and just have some fun.

4 day/3 night

Shared: $657 & Private: $837 (depending on the room type you choose). Registration includes the entire program, room and meals. Please click on this link for dates and registration: Sedona Meditation Weekend

A Sample of Your Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Sedona & Experience the Present

Introduction to Meditation

You will begin your retreat by exploring the energy within. The serenity of Sedona Mago Retreat provides a sanctuary to explore your inner landscape. Today’s meditations and exercises will help you to ground yourself in the present moment.

This introductory session will provide a framework for your transformative weekend.  You will experience mindful breathing, gratitude, energy exercises and specific movements that will anchor your awareness in the present moment and ground your meditation experience.

We will also help you to contemplate deeply on these meditation topics such as: Who am I?  What is my true self?  How do I want to live my life?

Onsite Vortex Energy Meditation Part 1

There are no ringing cell phones and no honking horns.  Instead, all that you hear are rippling birdsongs and gentle breezes that cradle you in a cocoon of serenity and envelop you with the fragrant mist of solitude. In this quietude, you are able to look within and reflect on what it is you want to let go of, what you wish to bring into your life, and how to listen to your true voice.

You will learn the five basic minds for a fulfilling meditation practice.  They work like spiritual fingers for your sacred journey within.

Day 2: Attune to the Land & Experience Deeper Connection

Onsite Vortex Energy Meditation Part 2

You will continue to visit onsite vortexes and by connecting to the unique energy of each location, you will take in the healing energy that you need for transformation.   While in nature and with nature you will discover that you are nature and will experience the energy of the red rocks, trees, water and sky of Sedona Mago Retreat.

Chakra Healing Exercises

Chakras are power spots in our bodies, just as vortexes are the power spots of the Earth. Chakra activation and purification will give your meditation a tangible texture and deepen its creative aspects. Our simple, yet unique method will allow you to open, activate, and balance all your chakras. Now you are not only in peace, you are peace.

Healing Sound Journey in Nature

You will become one with the musical harmony of the universe as you explore your consciousness with healing vibrations that transport you deep within, or to unexplored regions of your soul.

Spiritual Movie Night & Group Discussion

Inspire yourself with an enlightening documentary.

Evening Silent Meditation

In the evening, we’ll shut out the outside distractions and do a silent meditation.  This can be a turning point in your spiritual journey. As you shift from looking “Outside” to looking “Inside” you’ll discover a deeper aspect of your being.

Day 3: Wrapping Up Your Experience

You will continue to open to the love and support nature provides; reflecting on what you have gained, and planning how your life will be different as a result. The final session ends before lunch.

Early Morning Session: Sunrise Meditation

It’s a transformative experience that words can hardly express when you observe the sun slowly peeking up over the horizon amid the stunning red rocks of Sedona. The play of light and shadow is magnificent, and your heart and soul are touched as you become part of a scene that has played out over and over again throughout the millennia of Earth’s existence. It’s one of the most sacred moments of the Tao Meditation Retreat.

Morning Session: How to Take It All Back Home

Now is the time to reflect on what has unfolded for you, how you have responded and most importantly, how to take it all back home. You have become more mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You smile more and look forward to what the moment has to offer.  Now it’s time to return to your place in the world with more confidence and a renewed passion for your life.

One Important Realization

After three powerful days of Tao Meditation Weekend you will realize that the real sacred space is in your soul, the part of you that is eternal and unchanging.

If you feel that your heart has been touched in Sedona, it is because your perfect immutable soul has awakened.

Your task on your spiritual quest is to uncover that part of yourself that is eternal and to let it shine in the world. By observing your conscious mind, you will discover that you are a being with limitless possibilities.  Sedona’s sacred spaces are simply a reflection of that which already lies inside of you. Here in Sedona, Mother Earth magically embraces you to enter the sacred place inside your own heart.

Come to Sedona and be Yourself!

Who Will Guide Your Experience?

Michelle (JungIn) Moon, Senior Master Trainer

Michelle (JungIn) Moon has been studying and teaching Eastern methods of healing rooted in the philosophy and principles known as Tao, for over 17 years. As a master in this ancient energy practice, she has been certified as a trainer in Heightened Sensory Perception (HSP) with the International Brain Education Association (IBREA). Driven to unearth wisdom in the modern age, Michelle returns to Sedona after establishing CGI Holistic Wellness Center as a premier wellness center in the New York/New Jersey region.

  • "This was a truly amazing experience. Wonderful staff, very interesting program, delicious food, and special energy. I can’t imagine a better place to deeply connect with your true self. I would strongly recommend this retreat for the beginners and experienced meditators. Infinite thank you." ~Lionela

  • "I arrived at Mago not knowing what to expect but was hoping to have some kind of revaluation. Turns out I received more than a revaluation I was able to tap inside my soul and wake up so many senses. I learned so many different types of meditation practices that I can now take home. I felt so much peace." ~Iliana

  • "Sedona Mago is a magical experience. I wish I had come sooner. It is worth your time to explore this magnificent center. There is nothing like it. Beauty and light await you." ~Christine

  • "It’s a place where you can truly feel the energy of Mother Nature combined with the meditation and spiritual guidance. A powerful place where you can feel in unity with Mother Nature, your mind, body, and soul." ~Payal

  • “This retreat was so healing because the work allowed me to access the trauma stuck in my body for years. Emotional trauma that manifested itself at a cellular level and was beyond just the physical pain felt in my hips or neck for instance. And Juniper was my master guide who took me to that healing place. Bless her.” ~ Greg

  • “I found myself here, my Truself. This is my life and I am connected to every being and non-living things. I was given permissions, I gave myself permission to love myself. This is a safe place to connect.” ~ Mellie

  • “I am grateful to all of the staff members for being so loving and helpful to me to connect with my Self and learn to read and understand my body connecting my spirit and soul. It allowed me to heal myself with all the techniques very simple way.” ~ Ana

  • “The program was so much more than I expected. Juniper’s teaching and guidance is immeasurable. This was a life changing weekend.” ~ Lori

  • "My fiance and I did the Tao Meditation Weekend together. This program was wonderful! I was able to silence my thought and overactive brain and tap into my true self. Also, I found peace, joy and serene mind I haven't felt in a long time. I am grateful for the program and Juniper for helping me find my purpose again." ~ Jaime Meraz

  • "I have realized more about the purpose of my life and who I truly am here with the help of enlightened and compassionate teachers. The natural beauty of this land is inspiring and has helped me to discover what it is to be truly grateful for just breathing. I want to share my life with others like the beautiful people I meet here." ~ Kathy Bristol

  • "The Tao Meditation Weekend was so much more than I could have imagined. There really is no real way to put the experience into words... Juniper, our teacher, was so wonderful, so knowledgeable, so compassionate. She, and all of the people at Sedona Mago made me feel safe and loved. This allowed me to get in touch with my true self and meditate on a level deeper than ever.

    The atmosphere, the scenery, the food... It was all beautiful and wonderful! If you are open minded, there is no way you'll walk away feeling disappointed. My fiance and I came together and both feel so grateful for this opportunity! Life changing." ~ Hailey

  • As a “Seeker of Truth” I deeply valued the affirmations, comradely and authentic love and support I felt.  I believe this is a beneficial experience for any human being and it will be surprisingly valuable.

  • The energy at Mago is absolutely transformative.  The physical property itself brings immediate healing.  It is a wonderful experience to be surrounded by others who are on a similar journey. ~Victoria, Chicago, IL

  • The Tao Meditation Weekend was wonderful.  Not only did it teach; allow me to practice meditation principles; [give me ] exercises to fill my daily life, [but]also included a few experiences that created profound improvements in myself.  The energy, nature, views during this course were amazing.  I leave here a more centered, abundant, peaceful person.

  • My experience with the Tao Meditation is so great, the teacher, Juniper is so knowledgeable with topics and easy to follow.  She is so kind and very professional.  I will do it again and I highly recommend to anybody out there.  The price is a bargain; very great deal with food, lodging and class is so great!  Is worth every single penny… ~Joan, San Francisco, CA

  • I experienced significant growth in a short amount of time.  The program was laid out well and everything we did was explained clearly.  I was also impressed at how well the variety of previous experience and skill levels were brought together.

    The best part was the instructor, who was open to all class members, very perceptive and hugely dedicated.  She felt like a close friend, and she motivated, prodded or even cajoled all of us into a tremendously meaningful experience. I am grateful.

    ~Steve, Chicago, IL

  • The Tao Meditation retreat has fulfilled and exceeded all expectations.  Highly recommended for those who are looking for a transformational experience. ~Cheri, Flagstaff, AZ

  • I got in touch with my true self.  Always thought I understood.  Juniper gave in depth knowledge and awareness.  Plan to come back next year for certain. ~Phx, AZ

  • “I am not as “alone” as I thought I was. Phew, sigh, ureka! I do indeed have peace…it was just a hidden by my negative thoughts/negative self-talk for a short while. I learned not to be so hard on myself when those temporary emotions and thoughts arise.” ~Lauren

  • “I learned to listen to my soul” ~Valerie, San Luis Obispo, CA