Living Tao Wisdom Series

Invitation to Finding Joy and Peace Within

Currently with the world condition right now more and more we are living 24 hours every day trapped in our limited nature of our emotions, thoughts, physical feelings, preconceptions, and memories.  Because of the current situation we cannot avoid facing ourselves. So, we are either trying not to feel these things by numbing ourselves or trying to deal with these things through our limited consciousness. Neither one of these alternatives offers a solution to the pain and suffering brought on by this condition.

Human beings are here to be more than this phenomena.  We, Human Beings, are born on this earth to have a greater purpose and to be free from the limited box of thoughts and emotions that we think we are and to awaken to the potential of our true essence.

The Living Tao Wisdom Series will give the principles and practice to help you find that joy and peace that resides within you. You will be able to create the balance you want in your life, to have improved relationships with yourself and others and recover your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If you continue to live this way, you will become a beneficial Human Being not only for yourself, your loved one and your family, but for the whole world.

Please come join us.

Past Lecture
Topic: Shift into a Joyful Life with Tao Consciousness
Speaker: Ilchibuko Todd
When: September 27th (Sun) @ 1:30-3:30 pm (AZ)
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: $75


In this experiential lecture, Ilchibuko shares insights into:
  • How to turn around fear and anxiousness into lasting peace, hope and confidence
  • Understanding what it means to be in the state of Tao Consciousness
  • Recovering your True Value
She will guide you to a deep connection to your bright self. Experience joy and bliss through this inner journey.
Tao Lecture Series with Ilchibuko

Ilchibuko Todd

With over 20 years of experience in mastering Qi energy through the SunTao Living practice, Ilchibuko offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves and awaken their fullest potential. She provides a way to heal and love the self completely, which  can eradicate dis-ease and realign the human condition. Ilchibuko is an international speaker and trainer, was a main speaker at the Mindset Conference at Nike Headquarters for 1000 people, as well as a speaker for the Mindful Leadership Lecture at the Starbucks’ Headquarters.  She envisions individual awakening and healing to be the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow. She is the President of Tao Fellowship/Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat and oversees its branches: the Sedona Meditation Center and Mago Mindfulness Centers. She is a visionary, who envisions to expand this mindful living and healing of the SunTao practice by spreading Mago Mindfulness Centers all around the United States.

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