Yearly Celebrations

‘A time for reflection, appreciation and determination’

Tao Fellowship has four major yearly celebrations: Heaven’s Opening Day, Tao Fellowship Founding Day, 21-Day Su-Hang-Je, and Earth Day. These celebrations commemorate and honor the most significant historical events in the tradition of Sun Tao. Earth Day has been added recently to celebrate Mother Mago’s love in response to the growing demand for environmental awareness. Members of Tao Fellowship can join these celebrations in person at Sedona Mago Retreat or participate remotely.


Earth Day (April)

As our appreciation of Mago as a representation of the Earth demonstrates, harmonizing with nature is one of the core principles of Tao Fellowship. Maintaining a natural balance and an ecologically sound attitude with respect to the Earth and taking an active role in fostering sustainability are integral elements in our spiritual practice and all demonstrate spiritual maturity. This is why we in Tao Fellowship celebrate Earth Day every year.

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Tao Fellowship Founding Day & 21 Day Su-Hang-Je (July)

Once a year, masters and members gather to celebrate the establishment of Tao Fellowship. Ceremonies, lectures, group gatherings, and a celebration party are included. Masters join in a 21-day intensive training after Tao Fellowship Founding Day. The purpose of this yearly training is to commemorate and follow the enlightenment of the founder of Tao Fellowship, Ilchi Lee. Through his enlightenment, the tradition of Sun Tao was revived and incorporated into Tao Fellowship. By his own example of practice and enlightenment, Ilchi Lee set the standard for the practitioners of Sun Tao. Masters engage in intensive meditation training during the 21-day period as a way of pursuing enlightenment.

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Gae-Chun-Jeol: Heaven’s Opening Day (October)

This is the most ancient yearly celebration in the tradition of Sun Tao. Masters, members, and the public join to celebrate and appreciate the beginning of the Tao tradition in ancient Korea, which started from the Priest-King, Dahn-Guhn, 4,343 years ago. Dahn-Guhn established a nation named Jo-Sun with the principles of Heaven, Earth, and Human in Chun-Bu-Kyung for the goal of “widely benefiting humanity and harmonizing the World.”


New Year’s Day (January)

New Year’s Day has a special meaning in the tradition of Tao as it does in many other cultural traditions. It is a time for reflection, appreciation and determination. Masters and members of Tao Fellowship reflect on their experiences over the past year, contemplate what they learned or should have learned from the experience, and appreciate all the experiences as blessings. This reflection and appreciation empowers them to rekindle their passion for practice, growth and compassionate actions. Special ceremonies including the festive gathering and offering for the ancestral spirits are conducted for the celebration of the New Year.


Other Charitable Events

In addition to our four major yearly celebrations, we also hold charitable events of a spiritual nature to support our mission. These events, while supporting charitable purposes, will help educate the public about the principles and practices of Sun Tao, and facilitate communication between diverse spiritual, religious or cultural traditions. These events can take various formats: lectures, performance, forums, gatherings, etc.

Other than charitable events, our Open House is the most convenient opportunity for you to learn about Tao Fellowship and our Retreat Center. We offer Open House after Saturday Tao Service. We will provide a brief tour and orientation about our principles and spiritual practices. After the orientation, you may choose to participate in the Initiation Ceremony and join the Fellowship.

For questions about attending any of our events, please contact us by phone: 928-204-3391.