Annual Events at Sedona Mago

Founding Day

Appreciate Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Land

When: During the Month of July

July 22nd is the Anniversary of Tao Fellowship’s Founding Day. On this day,  we remember those who discovered this sacred land before us and we honor our spiritual lineage from ancient Korea. We have a vision and mission to share spiritual awakening to all people from this sacred land of Sedona Mago. We offer 3 main events for this Founding Day month: 21-day meditation practice, a road clean-up, and a Sedona Mago vortex meditation experience/mindful movement class. 
First, we will hold a 21-day meditation practice online for you so you can experience our ancient SunTao living practice and how to live a joyful spiritual life. 
Second, on Founding Day, we will do a Bill Gray Road Clean-Up together in person. You can become a volunteer and join us to keep our sacred land beautiful. 
Third, on the weekend following our Founding Day, we will hold our vortex meditation experiences at our sacred land. We will share our mindfulness practices by exploring the vortex sites, such as our Healing Garden, Falls, 120 Steps, Mission Place, as well as an indoor energy meditation session. 

World Peace Ceremony

Full Moon Lantern Floating

When: September or October

Let’s pray for peace together with people from around the World. The Ceremony includes a Lantern Floating Ceremony, healing performances including sound healing, art exhibitions, special messages of hope and encouragement from world peace advocates. 
By floating your lantern at Sedona Mago’s Healing Lake, you can share your sincere prayers and your loving intentions for your loved ones, family, friends, and the world. 

Awaken Your Inner Light

When: Jan 1st & Daily Prayers

New Year’s Day Ceremony: You will be guided to review the whole year and reflect on the meaning of your life on the last day of the year. On New Year’s morning, you will welcome the New Year with a sunrise meditation at Sedona Mago. 
Daily Prayers for that year: When you send in your name to us, your name card will be at our Heavenly Palace and you will be prayed for at Sedona Mago. Through prayer, you are supported to create each day with awareness so you can shift your consciousness to experience your inner light. 

Mago Friends Gathering

Sharing Appreciation,
Connection, and Well-Being

When: April 30, 2022

This gathering is for those who love Mago, to celebrate the spirit of “Love for Humanity and Love for the Earth”, and feel a sense of community with like-minded people.

This event will be a great introduction for your family and friends to what you’ve learned at Mago because during this event they can experience Mago’s Wellness Classes for free. There will be fun activities like giveaways and raffle prizes. You will have the opportunity to participate in fundraisers such as silent auctions to support Sedona Mago / Tao Fellowship’s mission.

The Mago Family Thanks You.

Your support is the primary means for us to accomplish our mission.
Donations are essential components for developing and sustaining Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat.