Awaken Your Inner Light

Daily Prayers for You

Live your True Self in 2021

Experience the New Year in a Whole New Way

This year is going to be the year each day is created with awareness, where we shift our consciousness to experience our inner light so that we can live as our True Selves, who we are meant to be, and share that life with others.

Our goal is to have your Inner Light expand to awaken others to their Inner Light so we can co-create the place we truly wish to live in, with Love, Peace, and respect for each other and the Earth.

Daily Prayers from Mago

Tao Fellowship will hold the Light for you to create the life you are meant to live by sending our intentions

Get Support and Guidance

Practice your own Daily Inner Light Prayer Meditation with Conscious Living (Guidelines provided)

Co-create Inner Light

Your name will be placed at Sedona Mago with a light being lit at our prayer meditation room

Prayer – A Deeper Meaning

We are using the word prayer here to mean something deeper.

Our daily prayer meditation will be used to uncover our old habits and patterns; we will be observing our thoughts and how our thoughts are creating our physical reality.

Release Old Thought Patterns

Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and by intentionally shifting our thoughts, our emotions will change and our lives will change, and when that happens we will be the master of our lives. Instead of being controlled by our thoughts, emotions, energy, body, we can utilize them to discover who we truly are and create life as it is meant to be.

So, we are not just praying for something to be given to us, but by releasing our patterns of thoughts, emotions, and actions, we can free ourselves to experience our higher consciousness, which is our own Inner Light that has always been there.

Connect with Us

To build a solid foundation so that your Inner Light continues to shine no matter what circumstances or what life may bring, Tao Fellowship is committed to holding the Inner Light prayer meditation daily for you at Sedona Mago for 2021.

You can intentionally connect to us everyday anytime when you do your daily prayer meditations; you will be guided and reminded to feel your Inner Light to live to your highest potential.

Daily Prayers for You Donation

For a minimum donation of $360, less than a dollar a day, you can co-create a new beginning for your life in 2021.

New Year’s Ceremony

As part of the Daily Prayers for You, we are offering a New Year’s Ceremony to begin your 2021 journey. The ceremony will be divided into Reflection, Release, and Connection.

Tao Fellowship and Sedona Mago

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is owned and operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501 (c)(3) non-denominational nonprofit organization. At Sedona Mago, we believe in sustaining the land on which we live, and we rely on donations to help support our mission to love humanity and the Earth.