Practically everyone has at least a few habits they want to change. Most people, however, have more experience with failure than success when it comes to changing these habits. This is why most people list the same goals, year after year for their New Year’s resolutions. 

What does it take to change your habits? First, we must understand that habits exist in the brain in the form of circuits. Circuits are established networks of connections between brain cells. In order to change habits, you have to work to establish new brain circuitry.  

If the idea of creating new brain circuitry feels overwhelming to you, then it is time to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself is essential because it moves you out of your comfort zone – this is where change happens. If you stay within your current comfort zone, you will never create that new brain circuitry that is needed to form new habits. 

If you are wondering how we will challenge you to change your habits, you will need to understand the 5 steps of brain education. 

5 Steps of Brain Education

  1. Brain Sensitizing
    • This awakens energy senses in the body, which is necessary because most people are completely numb to their emotions, thoughts, and bodies – including the illnesses that lie within them.
    • When doing mindfulness exercises that create stimulation in your body – tapping and vibration exercises – your focus is brought back to your body. This allows you to feel the energy that is flowing, not only inside of you but around you.
  2. Brain Versatilizing 
    • After sensing your body’s energy, you can train your brain to be more flexible with new exercises that have rhythms and patterns. By challenging your brain to master new tasks, you help it create new connections and develop a greater capacity to recognize new patterns of thought and action. Basically, the goal is to create a highly adaptable brain that can learn quickly and easily.
    • You will learn to break destructive habits and build new, life-affirming habits,
  3. Brain Refreshing
    • Most people carry trauma from their experiences in life. Brain refreshing is about releasing negative information and false beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential.  Once you reach this level, you can overcome mental obstacles and create happiness on your own. In some ways, this step represents a rebirth for the brain. You will learn to control the contents of your mind rather than be controlled by the whims of emotion.
  4. Brain Integrating
    • All the layers of your brain work together toward the creation of your ideal life. The left and right brain become more in harmony with all the body systems within. It is around this stage that you can start to feel the peace within. You discover the part of you that is truly meant to be in charge of your brain.
  5. Brain Mastery
    • Now you can take everything that has been taught up to this stage and activate your innate brainpower. At this stage, your brain will continue to transform and solidify neural connections that support the creation of a truly happy life.

Brain education helps awaken dormant parts of your brain that help you feel and understand yourself on a different level. Brain education is a form of self-healing that you can do anywhere and anytime to restructure old habits into new ones!

We would also love to see you here at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat in Sedona, AZ. The mindfulness classes here incorporate the Brain Education system to help participants overcome challenges and change their habits.  This is especially useful because the classes along with the quiet and nurturing nature of Sedona will help to reinforce the Brain Education exercises.

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