Evolution of Love

In Asian cultures, the evolution of love can generally be divided into three stages. The first stage is Hyo or true love for one’s parents.  The second stage is Choong or true love for one’s country, organization or group. The third stage is Tao or true love for all of humanity and the earth.  

As your love grows from one stage to the next, your level of consciousness also grows.  This is why it is described as the “evolution of love.”

Stage 1

True Love for One’s Parents – Hyo

When one practices true love for their parents, it is not done out of a sense of obligation. You cannot practice Hyo by simply supporting your parents materially. Hyo is practiced from a genuine expression of the deep gratitude for a parent’s dedication in giving birth and raising the child. It is an expression of the spiritual oneness that comes from an unconditional loving heart. 

If you genuinely practice love for your parents, other types of love also flourish – friendships, brotherly love, affection, etc. This love will expand even further, if you continue to practice Hyo and apply it to your nation. When you do this, it becomes Choong. If you continue further and practice Hyo towards the earth and all individuals, it becomes Tao. 

Stage 2

True Love for One’s Country or Organization – Choong

The next evolution of love, known as Choong, is love for an organization, group, or association.  Choong is not based on any political agenda. Choong is what naturally arises from the heart of a person dedicated to a great cause. 

Stage 3

True Love for Humanity and Earth – Tao

Tao love is the recognition that we are all one and is the highest evolution of love. Tao love is the recognition that we are all different manifestations of the same Universal life force energy. This life force energy is everything, nothing and the space in between. 

Practicing Tao consciousness means shifting our center away from any particular religion or country to that of the planet. As the earth becomes the center of all human values, society as a whole becomes enlightened and peaceful. This is because having the earth as our core value, allows us to start the process of respecting one another from a position of equality. Remember, the human race on this planet can only be maintained if we put the earth at the center of our lives.

Tao Practice

At Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, we share Tao so that others can realize oneness with nature, all life and all human beings. With this realization comes a natural shift in consciousness that moves individuals beyond personal goals, to living a life that is in service to all of humanity. 

This natural shift happens to many people who come to our retreats. They may come with the goal to simply relax or heal but they wind up finding something much greater, as they awaken the greatness within. 

Our mission is to Love Humanity and Love the Earth. As such, we hope to awaken the great love existing within all of us and create peace around the world.

Ilchibuko Todd

Ilchibuko Todd
President of Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat

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