Every inch of our 173-acres was lovingly developed to hold space for your healing, spiritual elevation, and physical restoration. We strongly believe in the intrinsic value of connecting to nature as a way to recharge.
We invite you to take a hike along our beautiful pathways lined with sage and sparkling crystal powders from the surrounding ancient healing red rocks. Go out for a stroll along one of our three labyrinths, stop by one of our many sacred energy vortexes, or our 120 Steps for a moment of reflection and connection. Sit and meditate on the banks of our soothing lake surrounded by a healing garden sprinkled with Willow and Juniper trees. Cool off in our outdoor swimming pool or jacuzzi (coming Spring 2024) and watch the Milkyway at night. Relax inside one of our 95 minimalist-designed casitas for a soothing night’s rest and quiet reflection.
Whether you join us solo or are a part of a group, one thing we can guarantee, you’ll always find more opportunities to breathe, heal and, just be, at Mago. Many of the meditation sites we shared here were created because the Founder Ilchi Lee wanted to share healing through the Oneness with nature, teach true human values, and guide people to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Healing Garden

Oasis in Desert for Healing and Connection

The Healing Garden has all 5 elements of harmony: Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Earth. It is a perfect place to feel the release of emotions and old energy, the natural harmony within your body, and the Oneness with nature. You may also see the resident ducks and blue heron, as well as deer that sometimes come down to drink water.
While at the Healing Garden, we suggest doing reflection meditation, journaling, barefoot walking, meridian energy meditation, and qigong exercises.

Nature and Landscapes

Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the beauty and majesty of Mago. We are surrounded by Red Rock vistas where you can lose yourself in the natural world. Listen to the voices of the flowers, plants, and trees as you follow the gentle flow you will feel as nature guides you to finding the natural peace and harmony you were born with.

GwangMyung Falls, Senya Valley, and Senya Vista

For Your Chakra Purification

Purify your body, mind, and spirit as you accept the love of Mother Earth through the powerful flow of the waterfall at Mago Valley. The rocks are shaped enveloping you as if you were in your mother’s womb. It allows you to feel embraced by the motherly energy of Nature.
GwangMyung Falls is a place to purify your chakras as you listen to the sound of the water to release old energy.
From Senya Vista you have a wide overview of the entire Healing Garden. Meditating here by connecting with nature through light, sound, and vibration, allows you to step out of your current situation and look from above as your consciousness expands. It will bring everything into perspective and provide you with a new outlook on life and furthermore might give you new inspiration on how to bring change to the situation you are facing.
Senya Vista is a great location for a Sunrise Qigong Meditation or evening starlight meditation.

120 Steps | Chunhwa Deck

For Your Life Reflection

These steps represent a life of completion, a life lived with a deep sense of purpose and a meaningful contribution to the world. The creation of 120 Steps is based on the book called “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” by Ilchi Lee. When we shift from living in the success model to the completion model, the value of completion can truly inspire us to live an authentic life and to create a mindful, peaceful planet that benefits all.

You can use these 120 steps to meditate and reflect on your past, as well as step into the power of creation for your future. Create your own life, one that makes you feel complete, whole, and without regrets.

Located on top of the 120 Step Meditation Site, there is the ‘Chun Hwa Dae’, a gazebo built to symbolize the place of Heavenly Transformation or Completion. It is located on one of the highest locations at Sedona Mago – overlooking the big flat red rock area, the valley in which Sedona Mago is nestled, and the Secret Mountain range in the distance.
The gazebo is covered by a roof that has a big hole in the center. The opening symbolizes our crown chakra through which we can receive the pure energy of the cosmos – guiding us to complete our soul and become one with the whole.
*Chun Hwa Dae: Chun means ‘Heaven’, Hwa means ‘Becoming’, ‘Dae’ means ‘Place’. You can come to this place after your life reflection at 120 Steps or any time of the day to feel the connection of your true selves with the Earth, stars, and sun.


Get in Touch with Your True Self

This labyrinth was created through the inspiration of Dr. Susan Gregg, who was hosting her own retreat at Sedona Mago in 2017.  As Tao Fellowship agreed to her suggestion, the labyrinth was created in one day, by our collective effort.

The labyrinth makes twists and turns as you walk towards the center – symbolizing our own life path. Through our life experiences, we change directions many times, yet in the long run, it is guiding us to the center within us, our true self.

As you walk the labyrinth, having this in mind, you might have a deep awakening about your life that will ultimately guide you. As you walk back out, you can create your new life from that moment forward with your true self at the center.

Mission Place

This location was the place where the Founder, Ilchi Lee, received a divine message and mission to move forward with his dream even when he had no means to do it.  His message was to purchase this land (now Sedona Mago), to help people awaken to their true nature and expand their consciousness so all people can share love for one another. Love Humanity, Love the Earth, which is Sedona Mago’s Mission now. 

Mission Place is a strong vortex site and the place to come when you want to awaken to your spirit, envision your dream, and receive a divine message about how to move forward in life.

Han Woong Shrine

Awaken to Your Inner Wisdom

Han Woong is not a name but a title. Han Woong is the representative of an 9,000 year-long lineage of Enlightened Living, where everyone lived in harmony with each other and nature. The Han Woong that was installed here at Mago Garden symbolizes the proof that human beings can complete themselves through consistent spiritual practice. Therefore he can be viewed as the role model for all of us and he is encouraging us to follow in his footsteps. You can see that Han Woong’s eyes are open. This is a sign that humanity is ready to experience once again an enlightened way of living together. 

Han Woong is the place where you can receive messages of wisdom and guidance by connecting to the enlightened energy.