Live Your Life with Intention to Manifest Your Dream

Do you have a dream?

What do you wish for?

Are your daily thoughts helping to create what you really want in your life?

More often than not, our mind quickly follows our emotions. We live with those familiar thoughts because they stem from the feelings and memories we have experienced. We find ourselves trapped in the pain of our past, repeating the same stories. Our brain becomes an “emotional brain.” The repetition of those thoughts creates our value system which dictates how we live.

While our value system is an important factor in determining how we structure our lives, we could also be limiting ourselves from reaching our full potential and manifesting our dreams.

A new year is around the corner, and it is time for us to set our intentions for what we truly desire during 2020.

Today, I want to share the following meditations for intentional living. It will shift your consciousness and help you make new choices that will transform your life.

Find a quiet place where you can meditate in the morning, and ask yourself your innermost dream and write it down.The writing must be simple and clear, so your brain can focus on it well.

Throughout the day, consciously remind yourself about what you wrote. Why is this dream so important to you, and how did you feel as you were meditating? Were you able to envision the best version of yourself?

It’s essential to write down the information so that you don’t forget it and revert back to the emotional brain.

Lastly, before going to bed, take a moment to meditate and visualize the world as you truly wish it to be.

Your mindset, consciousness, choices, and attitudes will naturally shift, and you will begin transforming your life throughout this process.

Ilchibuko Todd

Ilchibuko Todd
President of Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat

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