Peaceful Coexistence Starts With You

Peaceful Coexistence Starts With You

Usually, when we talk about coexistence we think of the concept in relationship to how we connect with other human beings. At Sedona Mago, that is a part of the definition of coexistence; however, there is more to it than that. In order for humans to peacefully coexist with each other and the Earth we first need to understand that we are a part of Nature, not separate from it. Think of it this way, humans, like most life forms are made naturally and created on Earth, i.e. in Nature. We are also all connected to the same source of energy and the things in Nature that keep us all alive, i.e. the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, and the Sun that heats our planet. We are no different than the wildlife that lives around us or the trees and plants that go through their own fertilization process.

When you start seeing yourself as part of Nature rather than separate or superior to it, you can start shifting your mindset to see that you need to treat Nature as yourself and vice versa. This is how you can live in harmony with others and the Earth. 

The first steps to coexistence

Once you have the awareness that you are one with Nature, not separate from it, it becomes more evident that how you treat Nature, is essentially how you are treating yourself. Therefore, if your life is full of chaos, negativity, and unhealthy habits, you will likely create chaos in your external world. Given enough people in our world currently perpetuate chaos, it isn’t a surprise that chaos is ensuing all over our planet. We are experiencing more natural disasters, hotter temperatures, and unique diseases in our atmosphere. The way we can each change this is how we control and change our mindset, behaviors, and habits in our individual lives.

When you are ready to make those changes, commitment is key to ensuring lasting, sustainable results to generate more peace and balance in this world. Consider how you can make more meaningful life choices that permeate positivity in your internal and external world. Then, you can share that positive energy and knowledge with others so that they can do the same too, and shift the overall energy of the Earth.

Apply the “put on your oxygen mask first” principle 

If you have traveled by plane, you know  the stewardess will say “Put on your oxygen mask before you help the person next to you.” Essentially, what that means is that you have to be able to breathe before you can help others do the same. The same principle applies to peaceful coexistence. If your life is chaotic, you will not be able to help others or the planet because you will likely not have the time, energy, habits, or knowledge to do so.

Therefore, in order to peacefully coexist, consider first how you take care of your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies. You can begin to do this by simply observing your daily habits. Try asking yourself whether you feel joy, happiness, and harmony throughout your day as a result of your habits or whether you feel worse. Consider if your motivations are to drive more meaningful and positive outcomes for yourself and others. Or, are your motivations ego-driven, such as: success, power, fame, wealth, control, or competition? 

Once you take an honest audit of your life, simply commit to creating a change and implementing those changes that bring less harm to you and others. Your commitment is more than setting intentions.  No matter how good your intention is, if there are no actions followed up, peace simply cannot be attainable. 

You can start small and gradually. You do not have to make significant changes to your life or reinvent the entirety of your habits. It can be as small as adding meditation to your daily routine, or eating healthier and exercising more frequently. Consider how you talk about and to yourself and others. Get more sleep, and turn off your electronics earlier. Consider the time you are spending on your computer or social media and whether that time is creating and spreading a more positive impact. 

Change yourself, change the world

Once you have started to transform your life to become more loving, balanced, and at peace, you inspire others to do the same around you, and together we can positively impact the Earth. 

Not only that, you now have the knowledge to encourage, teach, and share your transformation to help others become more loving, balanced, and peaceful. 

A great way to do this is by joining or building local communities where everyone is encouraging habits and actions that create more harmony for the planet. Whenever you learn how to create positive change, consider sharing it with your community and loved ones so that they can adopt new values, behaviors, and actions that shift the overall direction of humanity and the Earth. 

These behavioral shifts can be anything from considering reusing and recycling more plastics, driving less, if your area allows you to take public transportation or walk, composting your food, or turning off your lights and electronics earlier to reduce your carbon emissions. Consider holding each other accountable for sustainable practices your community would like to do and continue to inspire others outside of your community by sharing your positive impact through social media. 

With everyone doing their part to shift their daily lives through their actions, words, and behaviors, naturally, the energy will reverberate toward peaceful and sustainable coexistence.

The New Humanity Pledge: The response to make peaceful coexistence attainable 

The New Humanity Pledge is our Founder Ilchi Lee’s response to the action that is needed right now to make changes to shift our collective consciousness toward peaceful coexistence. This pledge wasn’t made out of a particular dogma, religion, or belief system. Instead, it is a commitment to take ownership of our bodies, minds, and consciousness, and create a new path toward a more peaceful and sustainable future.

It recognizes that no matter who you are, your race, nationality, culture, religion, job, or socioeconomic background, we are all inhabitants of the planet. We are all a part of Nature and the future of the planet is in all of our hands to embrace the responsibility to create a thriving planet for us and future generations. 

The New Humanity Pledge is a wake-up call for us all to act now with new values, behaviors, and actions to positively affect the lives of our individual selves and our planet. When you commit to being a member of the New Humanity Pledge these are the main accountability points: 

  1. Care for your wellness and help others do the same.
  2. Live sustainably and in harmony with Nature.
  3. Come from a place of understanding for all people no matter their background and promote peace with all living beings.
  4. Responsibly and mindfully consume, produce, invest, and engage with technology.
  5. Encourage others to take positive actions towards saving the planet.  

The human race and the Earth are at a turning point. We are heading towards more chaos and despair by the day. But, we do not have to lose hope and fall complacent to despair. The New Humanity Pledge is a way to bring hope in a situation that may look hopeless. The faster we can all commit to doing our part to shift our internal world to create positive changes in our external world, the more we can start to notice the improvements to the overall planet. It creates a way that we can all hold our individual selves accountable, as well as the collective so that we can ensure a sustainable and thriving future. 

Join the New Humanity Pledge to make it your personal commitment and responsibility to help yourself and others peacefully coexist with the rest of humanity and the Earth. Learn how to develop the healthy, holistic habits that support you in reaching optimal health and well-being at our next Revitalizing Detox Retreat.  Learn to release toxins causing your body, mind, and spirit disharmony, pain, discomfort, or disease. Give back to the Earth by first giving back to yourself and becoming the brightest, healthiest version of yourself.

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