Plan Your Retreat

Experience the land that touches your heart and awakens your soul

Our campus, located on 173-acres of Sedona desert red rocks, is surrounded by sage, rosemary, lavender, prickly pear and fruit trees. Choose one of our 102 casitas designed for you to enjoy privately.

There are plenty of pockets of serenity to be found at every turn–from our sacred vortexes and our Labyrinths, to our meditative 120 Steps, healing garden and meditation walks. Choose one of our transformational programs, or reserve our facilities for your own event. Whatever the reason for your visit, we guarantee one thing: you will so much more to fuel the respite and restoration you seek.

Choose a Program (Room + Meals + Programs)

Sedona Mago offers empowering and inspirational programs to assist your personal journey toward higher consciousness. Learn more about which programs are best for you, now.

Personal Retreats (Rooms + Meals)

Sedona Mago offers a variety of serene and spacious accommodations to make your stay–whether solo, with friends, or a group–comfortable and tranquil. Each room includes 2 full-size beds, complimentary towels, a small refrigerator, and dressers.

What You'll Eat

Sedona Mago’s dining offers pescatarian and vegetarian menus that include items from our onsite organic farm and herb garden. Each meal is carefully crafted to deliver delicious, nutrient-rich meals that nourish and strengthen the body and soul.

All meals are offered buffet-style and are clearly labeled for each meal. The dining staff works hard to create nutritionally balanced meals that include options for guests with common food sensitivities including gluten, dairy, and nuts.

Healing Services

Our Healing Services are the perfect solution for short stays, or, to amplify a pre-planned program when you want to experience more at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat.

Choose from a diverse selection of single services to customize your existing package or create your own program by combining any of these services.

Our Meeting + Training Spaces​

Our 5 meeting and training rooms are equipped with WiFi, audio/visual equipment, and most feature soft, padded floors to make exercising and meditation extremely comfortable. They are perfect for hosting small or large groups.

A Day Visit

Every every day from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Renew your spirit & Feel the Heart of Mago. Our monthly open house visits include a self-guided tour of Sedona Mago’s campus, including sacred vortex sites, Mago Lake & over 170 acres of nature, and hiking trails. Plus, learn more about Sedona Mago retreat opportunities & programs!

Please note: Sedona Mago is located at the end of an 11-mile Forest Service road. Allow for a 30-minute drive from the road entrance to arrive on time. Guests are asked to please RSVP and sign in at our Welcome Center.

Cost: Free admission, Optional lunch available for $25 (Lunch is from 11:30 am – 1 pm.)

Healing Garden + Lake

Sedona Mago provides beautiful, serene spaces to connect within. Take the time to enjoy a meditative stroll around the lake that surrounds our magnificent healing garden. While there, you can stop at each chakra healing bench, sit by the lake under a sprawling Willow or Juniper tree, or watch the ducks wade in the water. No matter what you do, the serenity of this respite will soothe and open your soul.

120 Steps

Designed to help visitors see life as a journey to spiritual completion, our 120 steps offer an opportunity to reflect on your life up to your present age and gives an invitation to envision what you want it to be afterward. Each step serves as a site for meditation and reflection for the individual to think about his/her role as a part of the human race.

Outdoor Swimming Pool + Jacuzzi

Get relief from the dry heat of Sedona sun, or watch the stars light up the sky in either our outdoor swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Both are surrounded by the beauty of Sedona’s red rocks. Complimentary towels are available via self-service.

The pool is under renovation until Summer 2024.

Healing Vortexes

Embrace the energy of any one of our healing vortexes–which offer either masculine or feminine energy–to renew your strength, restore your body, uplift your spirit, and help you experience a deep awakening.

Peaceful Trails + Meditation Paths

Throughout Sedona Mago’s 173-acres, there are beautiful, private pockets designed for your relaxation. Enjoy stunning sunrises and gorgeous sunsets after hiking up one of our trails; take a meditative walk in one of our Labyrinths; embrace the waterfall with its nearby aromatic herb garden; unwind under the Willow tree by the meditation lake or kick back in the healing garden and listen to the sweet sounds of our varied species of wild birds.

Gift Shop + 24-Hour Lounge

Visit our gift shop for one-of-a-kind healing crystals, meditation gear, organic body butter, spiritual enlightenment books, and more. Our lounge offers complimentary WiFi, desktop computers, a printer, water, and various types of teas for your comfort day and night.

From beautiful jewelry with energetic meaning and crystals and gemstones from mother Earth to powerful books, clothing, and objects of art to support those seeking peace, health, and well-being; Sedona Mago’s Gift Shop is a place that holds many wonderful surprises.

Please stop by the Welcome Center when staying at or visiting Sedona Mago and be prepared for the beauty that awaits within.