Prayer for 1 Million People

‘Healing Society Project 2017’

The founder of Tao Fellowship, Ilchi Lee, said in his book Healing Society, that enlightenment is an individual’s choice and that taking action to carry out the enlightenment is healing. We would like to extend our practice to more people who need healing through the ‘Healing Society Project’ and invite you to join the Tao ceremonies.

The Prayer for One Million People in January ignited hope and courage—empowering participants to live the life they truly wish to live.  Partakers felt the divine love which connects and heals us all.

We will continue to reach out to as many people as possible by offering the Prayer for One Million People each month as we aspire to heal humanity and the Earth.

Choose to Live the Greatest Version of Yourself

Each month, you can intentionally choose to expand your consciousness, creating harmony within your family and with all those around you.

Write your intentions on your Dream Card and offer Candles to awaken the greatest potential existing within.  Consciously make your dream into a reality. Be the initiator of positive changes that you want to see in the world.

Earth Day at Sedona Mago Retreat

Candles & Statues

Individuals can offer their sincere wish for themselves, their family, or all the people who live on the Earth with a Dream Card, Candle, or MAGO Statue. (MAGO represents unconditional love and the spirit of Mother Earth)

When you dedicate your love and healing for Mother Earth with a Mago Statue it will be kept at the MAGO Temple for either 3 months or 1 year. Tao Masters will add power to your dream by praying for it to manifest each day during that time period.

1 Small Candle: $50

1 small candle for dream ceremony

Large Candle: $75

Large candle for dream ceremony

Dream Card: $10

Dream Card for Prayer for 1 Million People

Mago Statue: $300

Mago Statue

Each candle includes a dream card. To make a donation and or to purchase dream cards & candles, please click on the button below:

1 million prayer button

Inviting Ilchibuko

With over a decade of studying and mastering Universal Qi energy and the tradition of SunTao Enlightened Living practice, Ilchibuko has led numerous personal transformation workshops & spiritual ceremonies to awaken the greatest potential from within.  She is an expert at guiding all to get in touch with the deepest roots of themselves and to heal & love themselves completely. She envisions individual awakening & healing that will eventually heal the Earth and lead to the awakening of all humanity.  She is not only the President of Tao Fellowship, she serves as Director of the Sedona Meditation Center and is on the Advisory Board of the International Brain Education Association (IBREA).

Groups who are interested in holding a ceremony, hearing Ilchibuko’s lecture or experiencing Tao practices can invite her to their location.

All donations go to the Healing Society Project, which offers healing classes and seminars to seniors and veterans and provides education for young adults–helping them to find their true essence.

Ilchibuko Candle Ceremony

We appreciate your generous donations to Tao Fellowship. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to manifest the virtues of Tao for harmonious living, help people find Tao within, develop leaders to deliver the principles of Tao and benefit all, and collaborate to create peace on Earth.

All donation proceeds go to the Healing Society Project to provide healing classes and seminars for seniors and veterans in our communities and to provide education for young adults to find their true essence and recover their human character.

Ilchibuko explains why holding Prayer Ceremonies are important

It will awaken the greatest potential that exists within you and initiate positive changes for yourself, all humanity, and the Earth.

When you offer a prayer, you are communicating with Heaven. More precisely, you are communicating with the highest consciousness, actualizing your dream by tapping into your greatest potential.

If your dream is for the well-being of all, setting your vision and offering a prayer will be a powerful way to grow passion and commitment for the path you have chosen.

When you offer a prayer with a group of people, uniting your hearts and minds, all of your wishes will be empowered, initiating positive changes and healing for yourself, humanity, and the Earth.

To feel your divine light existing within and to empower your soul’s voice to manifest your dream:

Candles are the symbols of your own divine light. As you light a candle, you naturally feel your inner light and a sense of peace from within.

Floating a candle symbolizes letting go of old consciousness and attachments that limit you, and empowers your Soul’s voice to express your divine nature. You can choose to forgive, accept, be grateful, and love unconditionally–which is the most powerful state of creation, as you let the candle float into the water with your sincere wish.

You can create a sacred space at home and offer your own candle ceremony for your new beginning. Or, you can join our Candle Floating Ceremony.

Ode to Mother Earth 

Mother Earth, Mago
I have realized today
That I am an Earth – Human
Precious part of life’s grandeur
Existing on Earth
Belonging to Earth
Nurtured by Earth
Fed by the Earth
Sleeping on Earth
Feeling… the Earth
In my bones and blood
As I breathe with Earth
Mother Earth, Mago
I have realized today
I shall return to the Earth someday
For my body is yours
My soul is yours
My everything… is yours
Nothing that is mine is truly mine
But borrowed
During my time on Earth
My loved ones
Are also Earth- Humans
All feared ones
Of every race, religion, and nation
Are also Earth – Humans
Family that shares the same bed
Eats from the same table
Demanding respect
Forged from family ties
Ties that bind us… to all life on Earth
For peace on Earth
For peace within myself
For peace I shall live

~Ilchi Lee

Healing Society Project ~ Global Enlightenment in Action