Revitalizing Detox Retreat

Reset Your Body + Brain In Six Days

Revitalizing Detox Retreat

Feeling more sluggish than ever before? Having trouble focusing during the day? Can’t seem to sleep peacefully through the night? Then join us for the Revitalizing Detox Retreat, an intimate, supportive group program with a maximum of 15 people.

During your stay at our 173-acre campus surrounded by the healing Red Rocks of Sedona, multiple pristine energy vortexes, a meditation lake, outdoor pool, with herbal and healing gardens; you will be immersed in a complete sanctuary to love yourself and the earth by revitalizing your body, mind, and soul.

Over the course of six days, you’ll release built-up toxins in your body, increase your nutrient intake, learn which foods your body needs for metabolic renewal, plus understand the impact stress has on your digestion and absorption of foods.

You’ll leave with a clearer mind, renewed cellular memory, and more focused energy. 

Claim Your Clarity

Sedona Mago’s Revitalizing Detox Retreat program is designed for multi-hyphenate individuals leading hyper-active lifestyles with little downtime.

As a result, it is not uncommon to experience a build-up of stress that compromises the body’s immune system. This allows toxins from an unhealthy or inconsistent diet and the environment, to seep in and take over.

Whether you’re running a business, working 9 to 5 with a side hustle, and/or managing a household, every one deserves to operate at optimum peak. Our detox program helps each attendee achieve a level of balance to do that and more.

The foundation of the Sedona Mago Revitalizing Detox Retreat program revolves around total connection of your body with your mind and heart.

Yes, you’ll learn about clean eating, enjoy organic cleansing juices, and discover new, nourishing cuisine from our vegan and gluten-free menus.

But we’ll also go deeper during your week of detox. We will tap into your emotions to release past trauma stored in the body; clear the mind of clutter and release old beliefs blocking breakthroughs in every area of your life.

By the end of your stay, you will feel deeply rested, recharged, and confident in your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle post our program.

6 Days, 5 Nights to…

  • Achieve consistent sleep
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Get emotional release
  • Heighten your self-awareness
  • Increase your energy
  • Relieve pain
  • Remove toxin build-up
  • Manage your weight
  • Obtain holistic cellular renewal

Retreat Schedule

The Revitalizing Detox Retreat program focuses on cleansing your body of toxins to awaken its inherently powerful ability to heal naturally. Each day you will receive three complimentary meals made with fresh, locally-sourced organic produce, and probiotics to help your body to reset. From mountain hikes and nature walks as moving meditation to two Qigong exercises daily, you’ll enjoy a proven road-map for long-lasting holistic living.

During days one and two, we introduce a holistic approach to eating and living. You’ll begin each day with a nutrient-dense smoothie made with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables. You’ll discover how to assess your physical body and emotional balance by learning the importance of mindful eating, exercise, and grounding in nature for physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

On day three you will get Dr. Clark’s Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse to detox the two organs primarily affected by external and internal toxins and will include an enema. We will also explore Tao-based energy mastery, breathing methods, and moving meditations designed to help you understand and hear the voice of your body.

On both days three and four, you will be able to do a full check-in on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. After experiencing the cleanse, you will be able to better understand the connection between your physical, emotional, and spiritual health–and the stressors making the biggest impact on each.

The days following your liver cleanse, you will learn to sharpen your focus. We use grounding and mindful techniques for healing, and explore how to embrace new personal eating habits for long-term lifestyle changes. 

**Some smoothies contain almond milk mixed with fruit; please let us know if you are avoiding almond for any reason and we can substitute for another ingredient.

For arrival: Please schedule your flight into Phoenix airport to arrive no later than 3 p.m. and depart from Phoenix Airport no earlier than 4:30 p.m. Groom Transportation and AZ Shuttle Select both provide shuttle service from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport directly to Sedona Mago.

2021 Updated Arrival Policy: To provide optimum experiences for all guests and employees, Sedona Mago has upgraded our policies for pre-arrival for any onsite program. Please click here to learn more.

Your Trainers

Daniel Jung

Certified Health and Life Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist

For the past 20 years, Daniel has taught mind-body training programs, based on traditional Korean healing philosophy. He is a Life Coach, Position Therapy Trainer, and Qigong Master. The personal warmth and light-hearted manner in which he delivers these life-changing techniques leave a lasting effect on all those he guides.

Mokhwa Sung

Master Healer

Mokhwa Sung is a Master Healer and meditation expert full of great love and life wisdom.  For the past 30 years, she has inspired hundreds of people to find their health, happiness, and inner peace. MokHwa has been running detox programs for nearly 15 years, providing important wisdom about holistic healing in mind, body, and spirit, helping people connect with their own internal healing power and recover their health. MokHwa is also an expert in Qigong, Tao Philosophy, Brain Education, as well as psychological counseling and art therapy.

Where You’ll Stay

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is situated on 173-acres of open land in the midst of the Coconino National Forest. We’re 4,500 feet above sea level and cradled by Sedona’s renowned vortexes and healing red clay rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago has been a destination for healing and transformation.

Mago, is an ancient Korean word that means Mother Earth. And at Sedona Mago we have one central mission: to love humanity and the Earth. This beautiful land has an unmatched magical quality that unfolds the beauty within you. Whatever the reason for your visit, one thing we know for sure: you’ll always get more at Mago.

Revitalizing Detox Retreat Benefits

Revitalizing Detox Retreat is for individuals seeking holistic healing of their body, mind, and spirit.

We focus on cleansing the body of toxins to awaken its natural healing powers, and creating an uber sense of self-awareness.

Participants of this retreat will be empowered and inspired to consciously create the lifestyle they have always wanted.

The tuition with a private room is $2,495.

Arrival Policy: To provide optimum experiences for all guests and employees, Sedona Mago has upgraded our policies for pre-arrival for any onsite program. View our privacy policy.

To register click on your preferred date below:

 *Registration includes the entire program and full room-and-board.

(1) Schedule. Feel free to plan to arrive early or extend your stay to enjoy the campus and relax a little longer. Please contact the program coordinator to make the arrangements and to let us know how many days you would like to add to your retreat.
(2) Qigong. *Qigong is an ancient Korean energy exercise that involves the use of synchronized breathing and slow, deliberate movements similar to those used in Tai Chi. Qi (pronounced chee), refers to the life energy within your body, while Gong speaks to mastery or cultivation of a subject. We introduce Qigong as a part of the foundation of the Revitalizing Detox Retreat to connect you to the voice of your body through moving meditation and energy mastery.
(3) Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse.  Do you really need to cleanse your liver? While everyone is different, it is very rare that you would not benefit from a liver cleanse. How much and how often depends on your daily diet, alcohol consumption, medication and exposure to high amounts of stress. The liver is the 2nd largest and main detoxifying organ of the body. It is the first filter of what we consume and when it is compromised, it shows. A liver cleanse provides rejuvenation of the whole body, ultimately bringing it into balance, which will aid in weight loss, increase energy, and improve your immune system.

Please be advised that this program is not a substitute for medically supervised treatment. The individuals presenting this program are not licensed medical or mental health care professionals. This program includes tools and practices that are intended to support you, and if you have a recovery plan, complement it. Further, the information provided in this program is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any mental health condition or physical illness and does not replace the advice of your medical or mental health care provider. If you are pregnant or nursing, you’re not allowed to take this program. If you’re taking any prescribed medication, or have health problems, please consult your primary health care provider before starting this program.