Sedona Meditation Weekend

A Weekend Realignment Retreat

Listen to the Voice Within

Seeking proven tools to help quell the din of life’s constant chatter? Ready to master being in alignment with your heart and your mind? Join us for an immersive mindfulness meditation experience during our Sedona Meditation Weekend.

Come learn the basics and beyond about mind management using the art of mindful meditation. During our weekend retreat, you’ll learn how to: stop and calm your mind, breathe to become attuned with your body, listen to the quiet, yet, unwavering voice within, and connect to what it feels like to exist from a place of total balance–in your mind, body, and soul.

The Magic of Meditation

Meditation is a tool that opens the door to mindfulness, the ancient practice of being present to and connected with each moment of life with crystal clarity. Mindful meditation has been scientifically proven to help in alleviating the effects of aging and healing physical ailments when used as a part of one’s daily practice of self-care.

Learning Mago’s art of meditation allows you to see the external stressors–experienced from your career, finances, home, and health to relationships, family, and global concerns–but not be internally consumed by them. The Sedona Meditation Weekend awakens you to the transformative freedom found in the unforced rhythm of your life–one day, and one moment, at a time.

4 Days, 3 Nights to…

  • Awaken latent passions
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Get clarity about what to do next
  • Hear what your heart wants
  • Rebuild your life
  • Reconnect with your body, mind, and soul
  • Reclaim personal power
  • Recommit to your full self
  • Understand your blind-spots

Retreat Schedule

From mindful exercises to energy meditations, your first day provides a foundation to understand how your energy works and what it needs to not just survive, but to thrive. Surrounded by the serenity and majesty of Sedona Mago’s energy vortexes and lush healing garden, you’ll be able to hear the answers to the questions: “Who am I?” and “How do I want to live my life?” Throughout the retreat you will get to meditate by yourself, well as within a group to gain new perspectives, experience the support of community, and, just have some fun.

Mindful Principle Session 1
We teach three main ancient energy principles and methods as the foundation for incorporating meditation as a life practice.

Mindful Exercises
Mindful exercises are designed to help you reopen, reactivate, and rebalance all your chakras for a harmonious lifestyle, from the inside out. You’ll get an opportunity to open your body and mind, and awaken your spiritual senses so that you can be in touch with your body’s inner energy.

Onsite Vortex Energy Meditation Part 1
On Sedona Mago’s 173-acres, you’ll find several energy vortexes that beckon you to embrace the beauty and grace found in the stillness of the land. You’ll be able to stop and listen to the winds, distinguish the varying melodic sounds of nature, capture the moments that allow you to look within, and practice the art of letting go. From there you can decide what you wish to bring into your life, and learn how to listen–and trust–your true voice.

Our bodies are speaking to us all the time. The question is: are you listening? During this portion of the Sedona Meditation Weekend, you’ll learn the basics of paying attention to your body, connecting with its subtle and, sometimes, loud messages of where energy is blocked, and apply the techniques taught for self-healing.

Early Morning Session: Sunrise Meditation
Imagine surrendering to the awe-inspiring beauty of the sun rising over Sedona’s healing Red Rocks. It is a transformative moment you won’t easily forget. The play of light and shadow is so magnificent, its dance will move your heart and serenade your soul–making it the perfect way to begin the day. 

Mindful Principle Session 2
We delve further into the practice of mindful meditation for a deeper understanding of its principles and how they benefit your body, mind, and soul.  

Onsite Vortex Energy Meditation Part 2
Embrace the abundant healing energy once more on this guided walk. We’ll explore more vortexes on our 173-acres of land to provide you with more opportunities to disconnect from the outside and reconnect to what is happening within you in your personal journey.  

Take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned, the tools you’ve received and how far you’ve grown in just four days.

Early Morning Session: Sunrise Meditation
The break of dawn with the sun rising as your backdrop brings your experience of the Sedona Meditation Weekend to a beautiful close. This final morning meditation prepares you to design what’s next from a place of heart and mind-centered clarity, calm, and absolute connection.

For arrival: Please schedule your flight into Phoenix airport to arrive no later than 1 p.m. and depart from Phoenix Airport no earlier than 4:30 p.m. Groom Transportation and AZ Shuttle Select both provide shuttle service from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport directly to Sedona Mago.

2022 Updated Arrival Policy: To provide optimum experiences for all guests and employees, Sedona Mago has upgraded our policies for pre-arrival for any onsite program. Please click here to learn more.

Your Trainer

JahBi Seong

JahBi is a Tao Master and Healer, and has been teaching Tao philosophy for over 20 years. She loves helping people to awaken by guiding them to recover their health, happiness, and peace. Before studying Tao principles and teachings, she had been ill and tried a variety of traditional medical treatments, to no avail. As JahBi continued to practice and train, however, her body and mind, self-confidence, and will to heal grew exponentially. She has been a program director who facilitates advanced programs and spiritual ceremonies at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat since 2010.

Han Myung

For over a decade, Han Myung has offered energy training, teaching meditation, and using her expertise to help people heal. She began studying the Tao principles and using the healing methods on herself after an ice-skating injury left her with a severely herniated disk. During this time, her body healed and her soul awakened, allowing Han Myung to see the truth that everyone has the seed of soul and divinity within. She began to dedicate her life to sharing this wisdom, and today, her deepest wish is to help that seed come alive and sprout in all of her students, and in everyone she meets.

Where You’ll Stay

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, located in Northern Arizona, is situated on 173-acres of open land in the midst of the Coconino National Forest. We’re 4,500 feet above sea level and cradled by Sedona’s renowned vortexes and healing red clay rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago has been a destination for healing and transformation.

Mago, is an ancient Korean word that means Mother Earth. And at Sedona Mago we have one central mission: to love humanity and the Earth. This beautiful land has an unmatched magical quality that unfolds the beauty within you. Whatever the reason for your visit, one thing we know for sure: you’ll always get more at Mago.

Sedona Meditation Weekend’s Benefits

Experience Meditative Living

Meet Your True Essence

Improve your awareness, positivity, and creativity

Become one with Nature

The tuition with a private room is $1,127, shared is $947.

Arrival Policy: To provide optimum experiences for all guests and employees, Sedona Mago has upgraded our policies for pre-arrival for any onsite program. View our privacy policy.

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