Sedona Intuitive Reading Retreat

‘Step into Your Highest Path and Deepen Your Spiritual Connection’

Access Intuitive Guidance to Make Important Life Decisions

  • Step into Your Highest Path and Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
  • Improve Your Ability to Give Accurate Life Changing Readings
  • Gain confidence in Your Abilities using Tried and Tested Exercises
  • Learn How to Use Key Tools for Reading Energy

Sedona Intuitive Reading Retreat presents a powerful opportunity to understand and learn to use the energy to develop your own intuitive abilities to connect with your life purpose, resolve issues and emotional wounding and for manifestation.

Sedona Intuitive Reading Retreat is a 4 night/5 day workshop at Sedona Mago Retreat Center, plus a 3 month followup with weekly webinars. The retreat begins on the evening of the first day.

Shared: $1,521 & Private: $1,900 (depending on the room type you choose). Registration includes the entire program and full room-and-board.

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  • The purpose of intuitive reading
  • What is your intuition? What is wisdom?
  • The one secret to unveiling your natural intuitive abilities
  • Learning to connect with your subject using energy in nature & grounding your energy senses for more accurate readings
  • What does emotional healing have to do with accessing your intuition?
  • Intuitive reading misnomers
  • Uncovering your unique reading strengths
  • Reading auras
  • Unveiling the magic of color to deepen reading abilities
  • Working through your fear body
  • Exercises to open your senses
  • Manifestation and intuitive reading
  • How to listen to your guides
  • Dousing
  • Reading with cards
  • Interpreting messages and symbols
  • Integration – Bringing it All Together

Meet Your Instructor: 

Yolessa K. Lawrinnce, Esq. , Detox Specialist

As a studied Tao Master, Spiritual Intuitive, and Detox Specialist, Yolessa’s gift lies in her ability to pinpoint life force depleting beliefs and patterns at the root and help her clients reprogram in only a short time. Through focus and sensory perception she reassures, advises and connect a person to their highest potential as a human being at any given moment on their life path. She currently serves as Director at Sedona Healing Arts.