The Art of Letting Go

Attachment vs. Love

Attachment comes from your false self. It can be reducing and limiting. When you are attached to someone, you may always feel the need to control every single thing. 

On the other hand, true love is allowing another person to express themselves. You do not feel the need to control their actions and ask them to do what you want because you are already overflowing with energy. True love nurtures expansion. 

When you always acquire more things and hold onto them but do not share them with others, you create an imbalance in your life. This is considered attachment because true love is free-flowing. 

True love, when shared, becomes bigger energy. It expands and flows out of you; it also comes back to you. 

Attachment focuses on what it does not have. It tries to make up for its emptiness from other people. Those who are only attached to someone become dependent on their circumstances and what other individuals can give them. 

Meanwhile, true love flows from one person to another. It is the abundance of energy from the universe.

Attachment vs. Focus

Attachment and Focus are completely different.

Attachment is the ego state. The separated self continues to attach to ideas, things, people and to keep things in a certain way. This is not in alignment with nature and causes imbalance.

Focus with awareness is being in balance with the whole. Focus with love supports, understands, accepts, and is able to let go because it is free from attachment.

Are you attached or are you focusing?

Try this Guided Meditation for Letting Go:

YouTube video

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