Throat Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Throat Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Your throat chakra is the 5th chakra and is considered your Soul’s gate. It allows your soul to connect to more energy and power so that you have more confidence in your future. It is the full expression of your True Self and is also known as your “inner voice”. 

According to our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Awaken Your Body’s Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace book, the throat chakra is associated with your ability to bring harmony, balance, and healing to yourself. 

Characteristics of the throat chakra

The throat chakra is located at your neck.  It is associated with the teeth, jaw, thyroid gland, and mouth. It is represented by a blue-green color and relates to all forms of communication. 

An open throat chakra means that you are free from external attachment. You are unbound from egotistical desires like controlling others or outside circumstances. When your throat chakra is opened it means you are confident in who you are and can express your soul’s authentic nature. 

Healing the throat chakra

If your throat chakra is blocked you can struggle with fully expressing yourself or find it hard to communicate with others. You will likely feel like you are not at peace within yourself and that your soul’s ability to express itself is only at the behest of someone or something else’s reaction or expression. 

In order to listen, speak your Soul’s voice, and align to desires that are detached from your ego, you will want to work on clearing the throat chakra to provide yourself with more inner clarity. 


First, your throat chakra is the bridge or “gate” between your higher and lower chakras which means that it is important to cleanse and clear your lower four chakras before working on clearing your fifth chakra. You can go back and review our previous blogs in this series to support you while you heal your lower chakras. 

Once you have worked on opening those energy centers, you can then attempt to bring more balance and harmony to the throat chakra. You can take your chin up and down on repeat and visualize the energy in that area being transformed into a brighter bluish-green light. 

You can also use the power of your voice to say “ah” and really let your voice fill up your external space. 

Per Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras book, visualize the qualities of peace, harmony, balance, and healing stream into your throat chakra. You can lightly touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while breathing to envision this blueish-green light flowing through your neck. 

While you are doing the exercise to heal your throat chakra, affirm: 

“I am free from all the attachments. There is nothing inside of me that desires to hold onto or control others.

I want to express who I truly am. 

I love myself, my love is eternal, and I bring forth balance and harmony. 

Creativity flows in and through me.

I am at peace. 

I trust in the process of life.”

Once you have said those mantras, see how you feel after. Notice or journal what may be coming up for you and continue to repeat the exercises and mantras so that your throat chakra remains fully awakened and activated. 

When you start to open your throat chakra, you start to awaken an abundance of inner peace. You will be ready to connect with your divine nature. You will be less triggered by how others communicate with you or whether or not you were able to “acquire” your attachments in the external world. You will be more fulfilled in who and where you are now.  

For more information on how to heal this chakra and all seven main energy centers, you can also check out our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Meditations and Affirmations.

Join our Finding True Self Retreat to learn how to clear and cleanse your throat chakra. Discover the love that already exists inside you, and be able to share that love with the rest of the world and coexist in peace with Nature. Develop tools to improve your well-being including cleansing and awakening all seven of your chakras. Release the mind chatter, limiting thoughts and emotions, and allow yourself to manifest a life that is in true alignment with your soul.

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  • peter Kinkead
    June 24, 2023 8:30 pm

    lovely. very helpful
    I seem to be coughing a lot and prone to clearing my throat>>>>I wonder why?
    Something to do with spirituality becoming increasingly important in my life???


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