YouTube Live: Become one with Nature

YouTube Live: Become one with Nature

In order for humans to save the planet earth, save humanity as well as recover joy in our hearts, we must shift our consciousness and become one with nature.

In April we celebrate Earth day, however, there is a tendency to merely focus on recycling or picking up garbage. While that is nice, as a whole this has not had a major shift in our consciousness. We are still polluting the earth. We are still placing the earth as a separate entity – us and it.

When we say, “us and nature,” we are separating ourselves from nature. We are looking at nature outside of ourselves and not in the sense that we are nature. It is not until we can embrace the concept of “we are nature,” that we will truly become responsible for our actions. We can then look at the earth as more than just a resource for us to exploit. When there is a consciousness of separation, this is what happens. Society as a whole plunders, pilfers and abuses without much consideration for the planet.

If each of us has the awakening that mother nature or earth is within us, then we could really feel the love for ourselves and love for others. When we all start to become one with nature, we will truly be able to switch the current situation on our planet.

Youtube Live Event

Join Ilchibuko Todd as she demonstrates how you can become one with nature.

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