5 Principles of Mago Mindfulness

Mago Mindfulness is a body-mind ancient energy principle for overall well-being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This practice helps you get in touch with your true nature and the original brightness that exists inside of you and everyone. It guides you to the brightness where we all began.

Five Principles of Mago Mindfulness - Infographic

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1. Awaken your Senses and Feel the Energy

We are all made up of energy, but we don’t feel it or recognize it. Information overload, experiences from the past, and challenges cause us to build a wall around ourselves for protection against others as well as from ourselves. Instead of feeling, we develop coping mechanisms such as overeating, working hard, paying attention to others, etc. This numbs our senses or our ability to feel energy – emotions, thoughts, and especially pain.

Waking up our senses to feel our body is very important because habits, emotions, and thoughts are hardwired into the body. This is a result of repeatedly training our brain to react, think, and feel certain ways. When we bring our mind and body together, we can feel the energy and face our emotions.

2. Become Aware

We awaken our sense of energy so we are able to observe ourselves without running away from the negative feelings. Awareness allows us to be the conscious observer of our thought patterns, emotions, habits, etc. With awareness, we are able to move through the reality of what we have been going through – a process of acceptance, forgiveness, and release.

Awareness allows us to peel away the layers we have built up until we reach the sheltered area within, where our true essence resides. This is where you will find the original brightness.

3. Live for Purpose

Our purpose is the reason we all exist. It is something we were born to do and must be awakened from inside by our true essence. We can hear the voice of our true essence by reaching the pure awareness beyond the physical limitations of preconceptions. This is done by giving our undivided attention completely to the present moment and experiencing the power of “being.” The more we can hear our true essence, the more we can begin to live a life centered in the moment, instead of a life centered on success only.

4. Raise your Consciousness

Fear, mistrust, hatred, anger, and jealousy are all coming from self mistrust, and are low levels of consciousness. Love, peace, gratitude, and hope are considered high levels of consciousness. No matter how much you awaken your senses, become aware, or live a life of purpose, if you do not raise your consciousness, then what you see outside and create can only reflect your current level of consciousness.

5. Fulfill your Potential

Experiencing enlightenment and living an enlightened life is different. After learning the principles of Mago Mindfulness and practicing to get in touch with our true nature, we must keep our brightness no matter what is happening in our lives. We can also share our true nature with other people. In this way, we become the expression of our original brightness and help awaken others.

Download our Free Infographic

If you enjoyed reading about the 5 principles, please download our free infographic – 5 Principles of Mago Mindfulness.

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