5 Tips To Level Up Your Meditation Space

5 Tips To Level Up Your Meditation Space

By Ilchibuko Todd
President of Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat

It is so important to take time out to meditate. Meditation, according to the Sun Tao, is a tool that helps you transform and circulate energy throughout your entire body to relieve it of dis-ease, and pain improves your overall well-being, and maintains your connection to your higher self. Without this daily practice, you can succumb to your ego mind and can get lost in seeking external validations to bring you fulfillment, even though these things are fleeting. Meditation, as a daily practice, brings you back to the connectedness and love you have for your mind, body, and soul; so you can share your inner peace and harmony with the rest of the world. 

Meditation is also directly linked to managing psychological symptoms such as anxiety, pain, and depression. And, it can help you manage physiological symptoms and diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and fibromyalgia

Therefore, as much as meditation is a game-changer in your daily life; maintaining a meditation space is equally as important. You want to create a space that is quiet, so you can stay focused, and comfortable, so you would want to spend time there regularly dedicating time to your practice.

Tip #1 Clean your space daily

You want your space to be reflective of your internal world, clean and clear. Therefore, simple and less are best. Clear out any clutter around you, whether that means items everywhere that don’t particularly need to be there like trash; or extra pillows, cushions, etc. You want your space to be comfortable but keep the area as simplistic as possible. A clean space will help you focus on your internal journey, rather than the overall aesthetics of the space. 

Cleaning out your space will also remind you why you are meditating in the first place. You are meant to be releasing distractions and developing a deeper connection with your own inner consciousness to raise your awareness of Nature’s consciousness. Nature does not operate more effectively because of distraction; i.e. more houses, more buildings, and more shopping developments. In fact, it operates better when left alone. Focus on the reason behind why you are meditating and you will find that you need fewer items in your meditation space. 

Tip#2 Have proper air circulation

Circulating energy is one of the primary and most important reasons why we meditate according to the Sun Tao. Therefore, create a space in your home that has proper air circulation. Qi (CHEE), is the energy of all that is. 

When we meditate and circulate Qi throughout our entire bodies, we connect to our higher selves, our Divine selves, the ones that are most in tune with our souls. Having proper air circulating throughout your space represents new Qi circulating in your own body, and it brings new energy and “life” into your space and into your internal world. 

Just generally, it can also make the room more comfortable, especially when you are focusing on your breath. Buy a quiet or silent fan or even an air purifier to ensure that the air is clean and clear in your space. You may also want to buy plants as they too can clean the air and it is a great way to connect with the energies of Nature. 

Tip #3 Be close to Nature

Being able to see and hear the sound of Nature can help you clear your mind and remind you again why you are meditating. Raising your conscious awareness of Nature’s consciousness will help you redirect your attention toward more love, peace, and balance within.

Therefore, you may want to set your space outside, weather permitting, or close to a window where you can see and connect to the Earth. It has been proven that meditating outdoors or connecting with Nature in your meditation can help your physical well-being. It can improve your physical and mental health, increase your overall energy, and increase your production of dopamine and oxytocin. Plus, it is really important to ground yourself with Mother Nature’s energy as this practice can allow you to feel more at peace during your day. 

Tip #4 Choose a quiet area

Choose an area in your house that is quiet and where there is less “foot traffic.” Let other people know that reside in your house that you are meditating so they can respect your time and space. 

Also, the more your space is quiet, the less stimulated you are and the less stress you are allowing into your space. Noise can trigger your sympathetic nervous system, i.e your fight or flight response. Quiet, or even silence can settle your thoughts and emotions, and put your body, mind, and spirit in a mindset that allows you to do your meditative practice. 

Creating quiet in your space can also help you release old, stagnant emotions, energy, and thoughts that no longer serve you with greater ease. You will be able to hear, see, feel, and understand your inner world better to release what needs to be released; and allow in new, healing energy. 

Tip #5 Prepare your desired meditation items

There are a few items that can help you focus more during meditation. You can set up an area where you can add these items and connect to their energies. You may want to start by adding items that connect with the five elements in Nature. For example, candles can represent fire, and water, plants can represent the Earth or wood, and an item made of metal, to represent that element. In addition, it can help you connect to your own body, mind, and spirit and create balance as we are all made of those elements.

Water can also enhance your meditation space as it is a purifier. For example, when we cry, we express emotions, and afterward, we can feel better and lighter. Candles can also connect you to your own inner light, your inner Divinity, and illuminate it during your practice. There are also different incense scents that have various benefits, such as ease stress, and increase your focus in meditation. Burn your incense to the end as incense represents your physical body. Just like our physical bodies on Earth, it goes through the cycle of completion, birth, and death, where it houses our souls to complete its purpose to find fulfillment, love, and peace and share it with the rest of the world.

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