Improve Your Intestinal Health Through Mindful Exercise

Improve Your Intestinal Health Through Mindful Exercise

Many people aren’t aware that they can do simple exercises that can improve their overall intestinal health. The good news is that you can develop your internal organ functions by performing intestinal exercises.

Intestinal exercises can help with:

  1. managing digestive issues;
  2. increase immune power;
  3. providing mental clarity, therefore calming your mind;
  4. increase stamina and vitality;
  5. activate your blood circulation and energy circulation; and 
  6. improve the balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

In order to gain these fruitful results, consistency is key: You can practice intestinal exercise at least 300 times per day. To perform it, inhale and exhale deeply as if you’re pushing your intestines in and out. It’s that simple. 

Remember to start the intestinal exercise by first doing the body tapping technique:

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After doing body tapping, proceed to do the 300 Intestinal Exercise. 

300 Intestinal Exercises

This exercise consists of three parts: standing, sitting, and laying down positions. Once you’re ready, you can begin with the standing pose first. 

Intestinal Exercise In Standing Pose 

Stand up, bend your knees slightly, and relax your lower back. Place your hands on your abdomen area with your thumb touching your navel. Move your abdominal muscle by inhaling and exhaling as if you’re pulling in and pushing out your intestines repeatedly. Inhale and exhale ten times and do this in three sets (30 times). 

Slowly stop and massage your abdomen and relax. Then move your shoulders and arms, shaking them out. Put your hands on your belly. This time, turn your upper body to the left side and begin counting up to ten. Do this in three sets (30 times). 

Intestinal Exercise In Sitting Pose 

Now, do the intestinal exercise while in a sitting position. Sit comfortably and bounce your knees a little bit. Relax your legs, knee joints, ankle joints, and hip joint, and then touch your toes or ankles while bending your upper body forward. 

Automatically, your mind will focus on your lower abdomen. Start the exercise by pulling in your muscle and pushing out repeatedly. Count one to ten and do this for three sets. Relax your stomach and exhale through your mouth. 

Next, let your heels touch the floor and pull your toes toward your body. Put your hands on your abdomen area. Then, inhale and exhale as if you’re pushing your intestines in and out of your body. Count from one to ten and do this in three sets (30 times). Massage and relax your muscles. 

Intestinal Exercise in Lying Down Position 

Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Gently thrust your hips up and down. Relax your lower back, loosening up your pelvis and hip joint. Lift your hips to the ceiling as high as you can, making sure your hands are in your lower abdomen. Then, begin the intestinal exercise. Inhale and exhale, pushing your intestines in and out. Count from one to ten and do this in four sets (40 times). 

After that, massage your abdomen area and feel that warm sensation and strain on your core. 

Slowly lift your legs in the air and bend your knees and ankles, pulling your toes toward your body. Automatically, you’ll feel the weight of your legs and abdomen area. Focus on exercising your intestines and internal organs in your abdomen area. Count from one to ten and do this in three sets (30 times). Relax your abdomen and massage it clockwise. Observe the change happening in your body. 

For the last pose, straighten your legs up to the ceiling while holding your toes or ankles. Do the intestine exercise in three sets (30 times). Slowly lower your legs down and massage your abdomen. Relax your muscles. Stretch your entire body and move your side from side to side. Then, slowly sit up. 

Once you’re seated, gently move your upper body to the left and right. Move your hips from side to side and back and forth. Straighten your spine and head, and slowly bring your hands in front of your abdomen. 

Then, inhale and exhale deeply while putting your hands to the side. Feel the expansion of energy in your abdomen area. Next, put your hands on your lower abdomen, close your eyes and feel the changes occurring in your body. 

You may feel a very active blood circulation, energy circulation, warm sensation, and strength. You’ll notice that your mind is calmer and clear at this point. Continue focusing on your lower abdomen and the feeling of warmth and strength inside. 

Then, perform the mindful breathing exercise three times. You may close your eyes so you can focus more. When you exhale, send energy down to your feet. 

Slowly inhale deeply and smile and exhale audibly. Stretch your legs, rub your hands together, gathering energy in your palms. If you can, tap your toes. And with your warm hands, massage your face. Massage your head too to release heavy energy and brighten up your consciousness. 

Massage your chest and abdomen. Then, sweep out all the stagnant energy from your head to your feet. Lastly, hug yourself and give yourself a precious message. You’ll feel your body respond to your true love through your loving message.

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From all of us at Mago, we hope you can create positive changes in your mind and body through performing this simple exercise every day.

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