3 Exercises for a Balanced Mind and Body

There are three simple vibration and tapping exercises that you can do to open up your energy blockages and activate your qi or life force energy. Doing these exercises on a consistent basis can help create more balance and harmony in your life.

 These 3 exercises are:

  1. Tapping exercise 
  2. Vibration exercise
  3. Energy meditation 

The first two exercises offer multiple benefits such as helping to open up energy blockages in the body which helps to relax the mind.

This activates your vital life force energy so that you will feel more energized and improve your overall physical condition. Energy meditation can help to recharge your energy centers (chakras) and help create an “energy capsule” to protect your body. 

You may be wondering if you literally need to vibrate and shake your physical body during these exercises. In a sense, yes, but the purpose of these exercises is to stimulate the water that exists inside your body.

As you know, the body is made up of about 60% water. In Tao teachings, this water is seen as healing; it is fresh and pure. When this water moves dynamically inside your body, it can purify your internal organs and eliminate stagnant energy.

Tapping Exercise

Abdominal Tapping

By tapping your lower abdomen, you awaken your lower chakra and improve your physical condition. You also stimulate your blood circulation, remove stagnant or toxic energy in your internal organs, and relieve stress. This is especially important if you spend most of the day sitting.

To perform the abdoninal tapping exercise…

  • First, get on your feet. If you’re uncomfortable standing for long periods, you may also do these exercises in a sitting position. Then, open your legs shoulder-width apart while relaxing your body. Make a fist and bend your knees slightly as if you’re riding a horse.
  • Then, tap your abdomen area. Gently tap your fists about two inches below your belly button. Keep tapping your abdomen area, focusing on your sacral chakra, located two inches below your navel. Focus on the area while tapping, as this makes the exercise more effective for improving your physical health.

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Chest Tapping

Once you feel a warm sensation in your second chakra, move on to the next energy center.

By simply tapping your chest, you can begin to open your heart and revive your true nature, bringing in more love, gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance. The heart chakra, or middle energy center, is associated with your mental and emotional health.

To perform the chest tapping exercise…

  • Tap your heart chakra using your fingertips. As you do tapping motions, make an “ahhh” sound to release stress.
  • Keep releasing layers of stagnant energy by tapping your chest, making an audible “ahhh” sound as you exhale through your mouth. 

Upper Chakra Tapping

When you feel a sense of openness, start tapping your upper energy center.

Your upper energy center is located at the deepest part of your brain, specifically in your pineal gland. It is related to your spiritual health and bright consciousness. By gently tapping your upper energy center, you can awaken your third eye chakra.

To perform the upper body tapping exercise…

  • To access this area, tap on your forehead, specifically between your eyebrows. In Tao practice, this is called the third eye or spiritual eye. Through this acupressure point, you’re able to stimulate the inside of your brain. Close your eyes while tapping here, and you might see some colors.
  • Then, shift your focus to the top of your head – the main gate where you can receive pure cosmic energy that will refresh and recharge you. By tapping this point, you can release all the pressure in your head. Relax your neck and awaken your brain.
  • Next, tap the side of your head to open your temple points. Then, your beautiful face, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, and jaws. All these facial features connect to your brain. With simple tapping, you can awaken your brain. 

Full Body Tapping

To perform the full body tapping exercise…

  • Tap your chest using your palms. Feel your internal organs – your lungs and heart – as you open up your body.
  • Next, move on to your rib cage, where there is a lot of tension around your diaphragm.
  • Bend over and tap your lower back to release tension there.
  • Open your hips and tap the inside of your legs, tapping all the way down to your feet.
  • Lastly, come back to the abdomen area so you can strengthen and gather energy in your core.
  • Slowly finish tapping. Exhale and breathe through your mouth. Be aware of your whole body as it awakens and opens up.
  • To end the exercise, gently shake your arms. Use your palms to sweep over your body and remove any stagnant energy that is still holding on.

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Vibration Exercise

To perform the vibration exercise…

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • The most important thing about this exercise is to relax and concentrate on what is happening inside your body.
  • As introduced in the first exercise, you’ll need to shake your body. Do this by pumping your knees up and down repeatedly.

This exercise is simple and easy, but it will only be effective if you utilize your imagination and concentrate on what is taking place in your body. For better focus, close your eyes and picture healing water inside you.

  • Now, gently shake that water by moving your body up and down, mimicking the water inside a washing machine. By doing so, you can purify your internal organs and remove all the energy blockages.
  • Bring your focus inside your head, imagining the healing water cleansing your brain. Feel the flow of water as it purifies your mind while moving your body dynamically.
  • As the water purifies your mind, enjoy the changes happening. If you have a heavy feeling in your brain, focus on that painful area. Keep shaking the water up and down, letting it touch your left and right hemispheres. You may feel the freshness, brightness, and openness.

The key to this exercise is constant body shaking and concentration. 

  • Then, exhale through your mouth to release all the tension and heavy energy.
  • Keep shaking your healing water up and down as you feel the changes inside your head.

This moving energy cleanses your brain and purifies every single cell. 

Begin focusing on vibrating your chest…

Shake your body as you concentrate on your internal organs.

Your lungs and heart may have many emotional blockages, but you can purify your internal organs with the dynamic movement of healing water. Enjoy the rhythm of the shaking movement as all your emotional blockages are released. 

Then, move your focus to your abdomenal area…

Constantly shake the healing water in your abdomen area and focus on each major internal organ, like the stomach, spleen, liver, and gallbladder. These organs get tired too, as they work so hard every day. This exercise helps release all the tension and stagnant energy in your internal organs. 

Keep shaking as you revive your kidneys’ healthy rhythm too. Move the healing water in your intestine and release toxic energy, and you will be able to increase your immunity. 

Enjoy the rhythm. Enjoy healing with this vibrating exercise. 

Don’t forget to focus on your bladder and your reproductive organs too. Every organ can be purified, cleansed, and revived. 

If any part of your body has intense pain or stagnant heaviness, bring your focus to that area and shake your healing water. 

Finish the exercise by closing your eyes…

  • Deeply inhale and exhale through your mouth.
  • Focus on the body’s exits – your hands and feet.

These channels release heavy energy, fatigue, and pain. Shake them thoroughly to release stagnant energy. 

Energy Meditation

The last exercise is called Energy Meditation.

To perform energy meditation…

  • Sit in a comfortable position. This practice allows you to receive pure cosmic energy that recharges your energy centers and creates a protective energy capsule surrounding your physical body.
  • Put your hands on your knees, palms facing upward.
  • Straighten your spine and head while focusing on the top of your head. The latter is the main gate that connects you to all sources of energy.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on receiving cosmic energy inside your head, which is biologically identified as your pineal gland. By developing your upper energy center, or third eye chakra, you can increase your wisdom, intuition, and insight.
  • Keep receiving energy from the universe until you feel a sense of brightness in your brain.
  • Then, let that energy flow to your middle energy center (heart chakra) as doing so revives your true love, pure joy, gratitude, and true nature.
  • Let the cosmic energy flow down to your lower abdomen like a reservoir. You can gather that energy in your lower chakra and increase your physical strength or vital power.
  • Once you see the energy flow, slowly lift your hands above your knees and receive cosmic energy in between your palms. Concentrate on allowing the cosmic energy to enter your system through your hands.
  • Once you feel a tingling sensation, please put your hands in front of your abdomen and touch it.
  • Next, focus on the energy sensation between your hands and abdomen while you connect to your lower chakra.

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Simple breathing exercise

Now, begin this simple breathing exercise to amplify the accumulated energy on your lower chakra.

  1. When you inhale, open your hands and arms to the side and expand your abdomen.
  2. And when you exhale compact energy to your lower chakra, bring your hands and arms close to your lower abdomen repeatedly.
  3. Now, close your eyes and focus on feeling strength and warmth in your lower energy center.
  4. Using that sensation, create an energy capsule.
  5. Slowly pull your hands and arms to your side as if you’re making a big circle surrounding your body.
  6. Keep your eyes closed and use your imagination to create bright energy capsules surrounding your back. This capsule will protect your body.
  7. Then, from above your head, hold the cosmic energy and bring it down.
  8. Deliver it to your upper energy center, middle energy center, and lower energy center repeatedly. 

Do this step three times, making larger circular motions every time.

Learn from one of Sedona Mago’s Tao teachers guide you through deep energy breathing exercises.

As you create the biggest capsule, it will become more significant, brighter, and more robust. You will then feel your brainpower increasing.

Finishing Exercise

  1. Now, put your hands on your lower abdomen while keeping your eyes closed.
  2. Again, feel your bright energy capsule protecting your body.
  3. Finally, inhale and smile as you exhale. Repeat this three times.
  4. Open your eyes, rub your hands together.
  5. Massage your face. As you do so, you can say, “I love my bright face.”
  6. Then, massage your chest and say, “I love my heart.”
  7. Next, massage your abdomen, and say, “I love my body.”
  8. Finally, hug yourself and bask in the bright energy capsule you have created.

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