The Physical and Mental Benefits of Meridian Exercises

Before learning how meridian exercises can help boost your self-healing abilities, you must first understand its basic principle, which is the dahn jon. Dahn jon (which directly translates to wheel or circle in Sanskrit) is a place in your body where energy (also known as a chakra) is collected and stored. With enough sensitivity training, you may feel the gathering of energy in your dahn jon area.

In your body, there are three internal and four external dahn jon areas:


  • Lower Dahn Jon (lower abdomen) 
  • Middle Dahn Jon (middle chest) 
  • Upper Dahn  Jon (center of the forehead) 


  • Two on each palm; and
  • Two on the bottom of each foot 

If any of your dahn jons become blocked, it may cause various physical ailments. Through meridian exercises and proper breathing, you may help ease the flow of energy in your body, thus improving your overall health. 

Two Keys to Maximize the Benefits of Meridian Exercises

Focus on your Dahn Jon and Practice Abdominal Breathing

There are two key areas to focus on while practicing meridian exercises; focusing on your dahn jon and practicing abdominal breathing. As you breathe deeply, feel your abdomen rising when you inhale and falling when you exhale. However, if you find it difficult to focus, you may place your hand on your lower abdomen and the other on your chest – this is called the dahn jon breathing. If you do this technique regularly, your mind will automatically focus on your breathing the next time you perform it. 

Abdominal breathing is the best accompaniment of meridian exercises as it is related to the diaphragm’s movement, a muscle that helps in breathing and naturally separates the heart and lungs on one side, and the stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver, kidney, bladder, and both intestines on the other. 

Whenever you inhale deeply, the diaphragm moves downward and moves upward when you exhale. The more it moves, the more your lungs can expand, which means you can let in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. 

Abdominal breathing also helps remove toxins from your internal organs, promotes better blood circulation and peristalsis, and pumps fluid into your lymphatic system more efficiently. So, remember to practice abdominal breathing as you do meridian exercises.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Meridian Exercises

If you have ever gotten acupressure, you have an idea of the overwhelming release you can get by targeting specific points. Throughout your body, there are 12 major meridians and 8 minor meridians that correlate to your organs. By stimulating these pathways, you will feel instant relief. 

You can stimulate these points through meridian exercises. This series of light activities help you stay healthy and keep your body moving. But, you must understand that meridian exercises are different from general exercises. The former brings positive energy into your body for creative energy. These exercises, when performed with sincerity, can help you self-heal the most common illnesses.

Here are a few other physical and mental benefits of meridian exercises: 

  1. Lengthened and stretched spine 
  2. Pelvis and spine alignment
  3. Unblock meridians
  4. Increased flexibility and strength 
  5. Stimulation of your organs
  6. Release stress and fatigue
  7. Enhance blood circulation and boost the body’s ability to break down fat
  8. Strengthens your muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems
  9. Assist in dissolving toxins from the body
  10. Increases your sense of vitality

Learn more from tao master and healer Jahbi Seong:

YouTube video

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