Living for Your Purpose

Living for Your Purpose

Living for your purpose, means you live for who you truly are.

Many people live their lives because of other peoples’ expectations – family, society, friends, etc. This causes them to be unhappy because they are trying to be somebody else.

When a life-changing event happens, people really take a hard look at their lives. It is then that they really start to notice the duality of their existence. Their heart may have been driven to one thing but their existence was based on external or egoic expectations.

You don’t have to wait for a life-changing event. Take a moment and reflect on your life.

Reflection Meditation

This Reflection Meditation will give you insight into how you have lived your life up to this point.

  • Divide your life into segments – teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.
  • For each segment, ask yourself the following questions. What did you want out of life? What were you doing with your life? What was your motivation for life?

Perhaps by doing this meditation, you may find that your motivation for life was outside of yourself – parents’ approval, wanting to be recognized, success, etc.

You may begin to realize that you did not serve yourself fully. Deep inside you wanted to love yourself but you were driven by the external.  What your heart searched for and what you were doing were not one and the same.

Now that you are aware of how you lived your life, you can start to shift to loving and completing yourself.

120 Steps

At Sedona Mago, there are 120 Steps made specifically to do this self-reflection meditation.


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