Clean Your Spiritual House in 3 Steps

Clean Your “Spiritual House” in 3 Steps

Imagine your mind and body are a house with rooms, hallways, doors, windows and walls.

Inside, your spirit dwells. It is your “spiritual home”.

Your spiritual home is storage for your mental belongings like memories, stories and emotions—both good and bad. When you experience negative feelings and focus on your reactive emotions, you fill your spiritual home with unnecessary clutter. In the process, your home becomes very difficult to live in.

It’s still your home, mind you—but it becomes increasingly inhospitable. Hallways become hard to navigate; corners become storage for garbage; bedrooms change from sanctuaries to prison cells.

To make matters worse, when your spiritual home is filled with clutter and garbage, you tend to believe it loses value. We seek validation from others, looking for others to fill the value we believe is lost. Romantic partners, friendships, family—but these relationships cannot clean your spiritual home.

At Sedona Mago, we are passionate about reminding you of a very important truth: you are always valuable. As with any house or property, your value lies in your existence. A home does not lose value simply because it is messy on the inside. Quite the opposite, actually: homes gain value as time goes on.

When you lose sight of your value, that’s a signal to clean your spiritual house. We invite you to create a lifestyle with positive habits that help you clean your mind, body and spirit regularly. In time, your spiritual home will become a place where you constantly nurture yourself and those around you.

Cleaning your spiritual house sounds easy, but it can be a difficult, emotional journey—one in which you look within yourself and realign your true self. This journey is different for every person, especially as they address their individual history and trauma that clutters their home, but our goal at Sedona Mago is to help everyone connect to their true selves and make the world a better place.

The following three steps are a great place to start as you begin removing the clutter from your spiritual house. Start with these tips and you’ll be well on your way toward finding your true self:

Step 1 — Body Tapping Meditation

Full body tapping, an ancient meditation practice, is an excellent way to open your body’s Meridian channels. It helps the stagnant energy in your body flow freely through your limbs, body, brain and, eventually, return to nature. As you tap and vibrate the different areas of your body with your palms and fingers, make sure to MOVE your body as well. This motion allows you to find physical and emotional balance within you.

Aside from the meditative portion of tapping, this exercise is also a great way to be in the present moment. While performing tapping meditation, it’s difficult to let your mind wander or ruminate on negative emotions.

You can tap your body organically, in whatever area feels the most blocked, or follow the order we teach here at Sedona Mago:
• Head
• Neck
• Left arm
• Right arm
• Chest
• Upper abdomen
• Hips
• Legs
• Lower abdomen

This process should only take a few minutes, but we recommend performing tapping until you can feel your activated energy flowing through your palms and previously blocked areas.

Step 2 — Energy Meditation

After you’ve opened your Meridian channels, your energy potential is now flowing. The next step is energy meditation, also called “energy dancing”.

Think back to your spiritual house. In Step 1, you spent time taking stock of inventory, understanding the tasks that need to be done and purchasing any materials you need to begin cleaning.

Now, in Step 2, your cleaning begins. You have an abundance of flowing energy. Now it’s time to harness it.

While standing or sitting, close your eyes. With your palms facing each other, feel the energy pulsing and flowing from them. As you slowly move your hands closer and further apart, feel the energy flowing in shapes—as a ball that grows, shrinks, and flexes; as water spilling over the edges of your fingertips. As you feel this energy flowing into, through and from you, allow yourself to accept this feeling. This is nature itself, flowing through you as naturally as water, cleansing the clutter and dirt from your spiritual home.

Giving your energy a corporeal shape grounds your mind and connects your spirit to this moment. In other words, while energy meditating, your mind can’t “run away”.

Optional Step — Cry

This is an optional step, but there’s a very real possibility that while cleaning your spiritual house (or even after), you may address some difficult emotional baggage. As you cleanse yourself of these negative memories and emotions, it may be your body’s natural response to cry.

At Sedona Mago, some of our guests experience this during our retreats—and they sometimes try to hold back their tears. Crying is natural, especially while interacting with your true self. Do not avoid this feeling.

This isn’t a sad moment—this is a reason to celebrate! What was once desensitized and disconnected from your spirit, you’re now feeling in your spirit!

Step 3 — Reflection Meditation

Imagine your spiritual cleaning. You’ve gathered your resources, tackled some of the much larger areas and taken out some large bags of trash.

Now, you can clean deeper. Mopping floors and grout; steam cleaning carpets; scrubbing the walls with bleach. This is achieved through reflection meditation.

Begin by eliminating the senses. Turn off as many lights as you please. Sit in a calm, quiet space. Sit with silence or calming, unobtrusive music.

Now focus on different periods of your life, how you lived in each, the influences you experienced and people who helped you grow. As a child. As an adolescent. As a young adult. As someone with dreams and aspirations, wants and needs, struggles and questions…

Let those questions come naturally to you. Listen to your true self:
• “What did I really want?”
• “What did I plan to do?”
• “What did I need?”

And, most importantly of all: “Do I still want that?”

The longer you meditate and think on these questions, there is usually a common answer: Love. Happiness. Acceptance.

At Sedona Mago, we want you to realize that the love, happiness and acceptance you’ve wanted has always been inside of you. As you meditate, your mind is free to focus internally and embrace that love. Your mind, body and spirit are connected. Energy is flowing.

And lastly, as your true self speaks to you, speak back to it: “I’m here. I’m with you. It’s okay.” ***

With that, your spiritual house is clean. It’s a much simpler process to read than it is to perform, so don’t be discouraged if you struggle with these steps.

At Sedona Mago, we give complete guidance on Finding True Self every month. Surrounded by the energy vortexes flowing from Sedona’s gorgeous red clay rock, you’ll take these steps and more to discover true self mastery and, in doing so, thoroughly clean your spiritual house. Register and plan your experience at Sedona Mago today!

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  • Manju Bewtra
    March 3, 2022 8:40 am

    I have been doing first two things through various zoom classes I have been taking. Sometimes, I do first on my own but not enough. I have also been introduced to the third thru a Happiness Workshop I took on Zoom from Sadona.

    Very beneficial.

  • Thank you for these lovely reminders. It brought back memories of my experiences at Mago in Finding True Self. I had never experienced anything like it before and it truly brought me to ‘my true self’. I returned home filled with a self love I had not felt in a long, long time. And…it made a HUGH difference in the following months. I’d like to return to Mago again. My soul was nourished. ❤️✨


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