Why Is Journaling An Integral Part of Emotional Mastery

Why Is Journaling An Integral Part of Emotional Mastery

By Ilchibuko Todd
President of Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat

Journaling is an important practice that has been integrated into some of Sedona Mago’s retreats; particularly, our Sedona Wellness Retreat. It can help you see the bigger picture and think more intentionally rather than reactively to old patterns, thoughts, or uncomfortable emotions.

Journaling can help you organize your thoughts and download information. You can get a new perspective simply by journaling and reflecting on what happened to you. You can start to get out of a victim’s mindset because journaling helps you understand your circumstances from a higher perspective. You are likely to no longer react to what is happening to you, but think about how this event, incident, or person could have a greater purpose on your personal growth and healing. Through journaling, you are able to reflect on how you can bring more love into the situation rather than being driven by intense emotions and negative thoughts. It can be a great tool to master old emotions, thoughts, patterns, habits, and sensations. 

Moving energy and releasing emotions

Journaling is a great tool for becoming aware of what is really going on rather than looking at the situation purely at how it made you feel.

One of the things that you can do with journaling is look back over your life, reflect, and understand all the experiences, people, or things you’ve done to get where you are at now. It’s possible that in your current mindset or emotional state, you may be thinking that your life is challenging and difficult. You may feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained or burnt out; and you are seeking a way to come back home to yourself again.

When you journal, you can see a new perspective on life, which may make you see your current circumstances as not so bad after all. You are able to discover that there are blessings in your life, no matter how big or small; rather than being narrowly focused on the negatives. This helps you to recognize other important practices. You may be more willing to create a gratitude practice, where you say what you are grateful for every day in your journal. And, from that practice, you may discover you have more compassion, appreciation, and love for yourself and those around you all along.

Even if you had a difficult life full of trauma; in those moments of journaling and reflection, you may discover that you had a lot more courage and fortitude than you imagined at the time. This too can help you shift your mindset and the energies surrounding you to a higher vibration and higher levels of consciousness, i.e. love, growth, and compassion.

Rediscovering yourself as your true self

When you journal you tend to write about the bigger picture, particularly the significant turning points of your life. After reflecting, you are able to consider and understand yourself, your life, and the points in which you were able to overcome your pain and discomfort.

It is almost like journaling can help you rediscover your experiences with a new lens. Journaling can help you recognize what went wrong in your life and the emotions, thoughts, and energies associated with them without you necessarily needing to obsess over them. Instead, you are able to see that even though you may have made “mistakes” in life, or had negative moments, emotions, thoughts, and patterns, they do not define who you are and are simply just a part of your experience. Plus, every experience has led you to where you are now and it can give you a new perspective on your growth. Plus, you can become more grateful for moments that didn’t go your way as you were able to overcome and learn from them.

This realization can help your soul grow with more trust and love for yourself. Your true self is one of love and reflects the brightest and most Divine version of you. Therefore, by journaling, you can grow the love and appreciation you have for yourself and start to align your life to the love you feel within.

Shifting your physical body

Journaling is healing because it allows you to discover more love, compassion, and appreciation for yourself and your life. Therefore, what heals the internal, can also heal the external, primarily your physical body.

Journaling provides new perspectives that can raise your frequency toward more love. Love can wash away heavy emotions that have kept you feeling stagnant and clear pain in your body that has kept you submerged under your negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

This shift is capable of creating a natural healing process, detoxifying your energy and your body in a non-invasive way. Journaling can reveal that you already are a great healer and through this practice, you bring higher levels of awareness to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

Join Sedona Wellness Retreat to engage in a journaling practice, learn how to release old stories, and heal your relationship with your loved ones. Learn how to develop an energy practice that can allow you to tap into higher levels of consciousness, detox from old behaviors that no longer serve you, and be a better human to your loved ones and to the world.

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